legend Story English Sir Isaac newton,the great and most legend story English sir newton he was a scientist who ever lived, was born in woolsthorpe, England, on Christmas day 1642,the same year that galileo died like Muhammad, he was born after the death of his father. As a child,he showed considerable mechanical aptitud, and was very clever with his hands. Although a bright child he was intention in school and did not attract much attention . When he was a teenager, his mother, took him out of school, hoping that he would become a successful farmer.Fortunantely, she was persuaded that his principle talents lay elsewhere, and at eighteen, he entered Cambridge University. There, he rapidly absorbed what was then known of science and mathematic, and soon moved on to his own independent Research . Between his twenty first and twenty seventh years. He laid the Foundations for the scientific theories that subsequently revolutionised the world. The middle of the seventeen century was a eried of great scientific ferment. legend Story English The invention of the telescope near the beginning of the century had revolutionised the entire study of astronom. The English philosopher francis becon and the french philosopher bene deseartes had both urged scientist throughout Europe to cease relying on the authority of Aristotle and to experiment and observe the great galileo had practiced. His Astronomical observations, using the newly invented telescop, had revolutionised the study of astronom, and his mechanical experiences had established what is now known as newtons first law of motion other great scientist, such as William harvery, who descovered the eireulation of the blood and Johannes kepler, who discovered the laws describing the motions of the planets around the sun were bringing new basic information to the scientific community, still pure science was no proof that when applied to technolog, Science could revolutionized the whole mode of human life, as Francis bacon had predicte. Although compernicus and galileo had swept aside some of theisconcetions of the universe, we can knew more his legend Story English, for moree info visit please : https://www.legendstoryworld.com/legend-story-english/