We use to hangout in mornings before school started. I started to kinda like him as the days went by. The way he talked, his smile, the way he would casually bump my elbow when talking to me. It soon got to the point were I was looking forward to going to school just so I can see him. I had choir class third period with him, let's just say the first 2 periods seemed so long, because all I was thinking about... was him.
We started to get closer and hungout during lunch in the band room. We would hangout with our friends and people would tell us that we would be a cute couple. We just laughed and acted like it was nothing. However deep inside we both knew that we liked each other and loved the idea of dating. We both were too shy too admit our feelings for one another.

One night I went to go watch him perform in our schools Show Choir, and I was talking to my friend about how I think he likes me but I'm not sure. Right off the bat she knew he had feelings for me. So I was thinking in my head, after the show I'm gonna give him the biggest hug and congratulate him. But I didn't. Because I still wasn't sure he liked me.
After the show me and a couple of our friends walked over to him and took pictures with each other. I gave him a hug and his Kit Kat I had bought earlier that day. I asked to take a picture with him and I hugged him goodbye before he left.
later that night he texted me asking me to "be honest do you like me?" I was FREAKING OUT. Soon enough I told him the truth and he confessed his feelings for me too! We talked the rest of night and I went to bed with a smile on my face.

Fast forward to being 4 months and I am absolutely in love with this boy. He makes me so happy and we have so much in common it's scary, we say that we were together in a past life haha. I can't wait to see how much we grow together and where life takes us. to more memories. <3