Basic Info

Name: Brenley Waldorf

Birthdate: July 24, 1993

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York

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Brenley is tall. Around 5'7.


Brenley is Blair's little sister. When the show begins she is a freshman at Constance along with her classmate Jenny Humphrey. Unlike most girls in her grade, she's not dying for Blair's approval. She knows her sister and she doesn't want to play her stupid games. She respects her and all, she just wants to be Brenley, not Blair's little sister.

She is very interested in art. Especially theatre arts. She found her love for acting when she and her sister Blair, along with Serena and Dan acted in the school production of "The Age of Innocence".
After graduating high school, she finds herself at Juilliard studying theatre.

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Likes: Bartenders, arts, Broadway plays, gallery hopping

Dislikes: liars, Jenny Humphrey, Serena Van Der Woodsen, her sister (sometimes),


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From her confidence to her humor, she's the light in every room. She's also exceptionally fashionable and loving.


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reading classics, going to broadways shows, acting and going to Paris with her sister
Blair Waldorf
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Serena Van Der Woodsen
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Love Interest

Brenley typically liked to be single. She never got into many serious relationships. She liked partying and having fun with no strings attached. She liked staying open to new possibilities.

Her Romances goes as:
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Carter Baizen was Brenley's first fling. It caused drama due to the age difference, since Brenley was only 15 when it happened. They talked for the first time at the Lost Weekend Celebration. It was clear that he had no clue which Waldorf she was, and just went with it.
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David Russo. Brenley got lost one night on the subway and David offered to help her find her way. He asked her to dinner at a really nice restaurant, where he started venting about his wife and kids. A big record scratch and blast on Gossip Girl.

It was a good reminder of why Brenley sticks to bartenders- sweet and uncomplicated.

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A short while later, Brenley met a French guy about her age. Charlie Florence. They started talking at a gala and he invited her to his place in the East Village. They hung out for three days straight. And then he had to go back to Paris, left, and to her knowledge, never came back.
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Dan Humphrey was Brenley's first and only love. They knew each other because of Blair, but their relationship didn't bloom until she made it to Juilliard. Dan and Brenley worked together on making his novel, Inside, into a play. Working together, they realized they had a lot in common. Both being creative writers and their love of classic books and movies.

One night in a limo with Blair, Brenley told her that maybe she was developing feelings for Dan. Blair's response was: "That's weird." Brenley thought it was pretty weird too, she didn't really want a boyfriend. She especially didn't want to date within the inner circle. But no matter what, Brenley found herself becoming more and more drawn to Dan.

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One day Brenley hiked up the courage to ask Dan to go to a museum with her. He said he would love to go and they jumped on the subway together. They were crushing hard on each other. They wandered the museum for hours talking and looking at art. Before they knew it they were going to be late to an important dinner party. Showing up together was a big deal that day in Manhattan.

They didn't rush into anything and just let it go on its own. But Brenley was tired of waiting. She was upset that Dan hadn't made a move yet. It was Valentine's day after a party when he dropped her off at her pent house without plotting one on her. Blair gave her the idea, "Text him to come back and kiss you."
Dan made a U-turn to come back and kiss Brenley. It was perfect and romantic. They always kept Valentines Day as their anniversary. From then they officially started dating.

Life after drama

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By the end of the show, Brenley and Dan are living together in Brooklyn. Working together as published play writers, while also happily married.
xoxo, Gossip Girl