Hey beautiful human beings <3

I saw this tag on @babyprincekent side and cause I just love Friends I really wanna do this tag too.

Fav Male Character

2003, 90s, and actor image 2003, handsome, and 90s image

Fav Female Character

friends and phoebe buffay image smile, friends, and woman image funny, hilarious, and pheobe buffay image Image removed


monica geller, chandler bing, and friends image friends, chandler, and monica image chandler bing, friends, and monica geller image chandler bing, friends, and monica geller image


00s, Matt LeBlanc, and phoebe buffay image phoebe buffay, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and joey tribianni image


joey tribbiani, Matt LeBlanc, and friends image joey tribbiani, friends joey, and friends season 1 image Matt LeBlanc, retro, and 90s image friends, pizza, and Joey image

Fav Season

friends, chandler bing, and joey tribbiani image courtney cox, 90s, and ross image chandler bing, joey tribbiani, and Matthew Perry image friends, friends season 2, and chandler bing mustache image
Season 2

Fav Episodes

joey tribbiani, tv show, and season 4 image holiday, jellyfish, and joey tribbiani image
"The One with the Jellyfish" 4x1
00s, 90s, and beautiful image 90s, 00s, and dress image
"The One with Phoebe's Wedding" 10x12
tv, quotes, and ross geller image
"The One Where Ross Is Fine" 10x2

What made me cry

Image removed hurt, quotes, and friends image
"The One with the Morning After" 3x16
friends, chandler bing, and monica geller image
"The One with the Proposal" 6x25
friends, baby, and cute image
"The Last One" 10x18

If I could be any of the character, who would it be?

2003, blonde, and 90s image beauty, passione, and ross image friends, Jennifer Aniston, and rachel green image friends, Jennifer Aniston, and rachel green image

Character I learned to love

friends, monica geller, and tv show image 2003, 90s, and actress image

I hope u enjoyed it and stay safe. <3