Hi guys!

This is my quarantine watchlist!

1. Lucifer

Image by BudM netflix, lusifer, and lusifer netflix image

2. Once upon a time

once upon a time, television, and gif image Image by PrincessOfMistaven

3. Outlander

historical, in love, and jamie image actress, british, and girl image

4. Reign

gif, francis, and toby regbo image tv show, reign, and adelaide kane image

5. Vikings

gif, ivar, and vikings image brother, handsome, and vikings image

6. Gotham

fox, the riddler, and Gotham image batman, ben mckenzie, and robin lord taylor image

7. Spinning out

justin davis, spinning out, and evan roderick image KAYA SCODELARIO, series, and netflix image

8. The haunting of hill house

Halloween, house, and night image ghosts, hill house, and horror image

9. Dickinson

Image removed Image removed

10. Ozark

Temporarily removed anxiety, depressed, and quote image