these are my seventeen ships! if you are uncomfortable with shipping then please leave! just because they're shipped together it doesn't mean its real (haha jk... unless? but seriously tho) i don’t mean to make people uncomfortable, take this lightheartedly because this is just for fun and for those who also ship them :)

s.coups and jeonghan
17, s.coups, and jeongcheol image Seventeen, jeonghan, and yoon jeonghan image rose, flowers, and pink image gay and aesthetic image Image by ؜ ؜ ؜ ؜ ؜ ؜ ؜ love, kiss, and couple image boys, kpop, and Seventeen image Seventeen, s.coups, and seungcheol image
my first ship/my ultimate otp in seventeen, no cap. literally my dads, they’re so freaking cute! i just love how incredibly fond they are of each other and how jeonghan willingly lets seungcheol be touchy with him; not to mention just how good they look together. the influx of jeongcheol moments we got during left&right era made this girl v soft :’)
hoshi and woozi
17, aesthetic, and beauty image korea, korean, and red image aesthetic, Seventeen, and 10:10 image music, passion, and photography image aesthetic moodboard, aesthetic, and black image cat, white, and beautiful image Seventeen, woozi, and hoshi image Seventeen, svt, and woozi image
this dynamic is so funny but very cute. jihoon's little tsundere ass is a whole mood but we all know how much he loves soonyoung. it’s super cute how they hang out in ji’s studio a lot (goals). and that moment in going seventeen where both of them were giggling uncontrollably had really big best friend energy.
mingyu and wonwoo
Seventeen, mingyu, and kim mingyu image Seventeen and mingyu image flowers, water, and nature image car, red, and vintage image burgundy, night, and marsala image aesthetic, art, and black image Seventeen, mingyu, and wonwoo image 17, carat, and aesthetic image
p l e a s e the visuals these two hold are out of this wooorld. i really don't know what to say for these two other than 'wow' because they're too talented and too attractive.
dk and joshua
DK, Seventeen, and joshua image 17, asian boy, and blue image Image removed Image by ˗ˋˏ chloe ˎˊ flowers, pink, and rose image ice cream, blue, and aesthetic image DK, lee seokmin, and Seventeen image Seventeen, joshua, and jisoo image
such an underrated friendship/ship! they deserve more love. seokmin has so much respect and love for shua who’s his favourite hyung :’) i don’t have much else to say other than the fact they’re so sweet with each other and they're such a pure duo!
vernon and seungkwan
17, vernon, and seungkwan image 17, vernon, and aesthetic image gold, architecture, and aesthetic image dog, puppy, and cute image tulips, yellow, and цветы image aesthetic, gold, and art image Image removed aesthetic, boy, and icon image
along with bts’ vmin (jimin and taehyung), they are the definition of soul👏mates👏. the way hansol looks at boo with so much fondness is soooo cute. and during that one vlive when hansol answered “yes it is” to the question “is verkwan real?”- makes me cry every time. I’d literally die for these boys.
jun and the8
17, minghao, and junhao image 17, asian boy, and flowers image fantasy, gates, and occult image art, artsy, and beautiful image animal crossing, art, and kawaii image clouds, aesthetic, and art image minghao, jun, and Seventeen image Seventeen, minghao, and the8 image
probably my favourite ship after jeongcheol! chinaline owns my entire heart. their friendship is so precious and the way they’ve both grown (physically and as artists) is so cute. their moments on cyzj were so fking cute 🥺
and one special one for chan bc he’s usually left out and i love him :’)
17, asian boy, and nature image Swan, aesthetic, and nature image art and cute image shoes and hello kitty image

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