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10. Ten things you would want in your dream home
book, library, and house image home, goals, and house image
1. Library 2. Movie Theatre
house, home, and luxury image flowers, home, and luxury image
3. Outside fire place 4. Jacuzzi
bedroom, decor, and house image basement, home, and luxury image
5. Floor to Ceiling Windows 6. Hidden Room
cocina, home, and house image luxury, design, and home image
7. Aquarium 8. water table (what is it called?)
swing image Greece, holidays, and Island image
9. Swing 10. Infinity Pool
9. Nine favourite things about your favourite season
book, coffee, and rain image green, greenery, and nature image
1. Visual 2. Greenery
rainbow, rain, and nature image rain, bedroom, and bed image
3. Rainbow 4. Sleeping
book, rain, and coffee image couple, love, and kiss image
5. Books 6. Romance
flowers, rainy day, and rain image car, rain, and rainy day image
7. Sound 8. Long drives
green, aesthetic, and lightning image blank, colors, and for image
9. Thunder
8. Eight songs from your childhood / early teen years
one direction, night changes, and Lyrics image quotes, pink, and rose gold image
1. One Direction - Night Changes 2. Taylor Swift - Enchanted
aesthetic, heartbreak, and katy perry image shower and becky g image
3. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream 4. Becky G - Shower
quotes, justin bieber, and Lyrics image pink, quotes, and marina and the diamonds image
5. Justin Bieber - Love yourself 6. Marina and the Diamonds - How to be a heartbreaker
quotes, Easy, and text image diamond, rihanna, and shine image
7. Bruno Mars - Grenade 8. Rihanna - Diamonds
7. Seven qualities you look for in a significant other
couple, love, and kiss image Image removed
1. Attentive 2. Kind
пара, счастье, and любовь. image family, love, and couple image
3. Loving 4. Mature
couple, Relationship, and boy image love, couple, and girl image
5. Driven 6. Passionate
Image by Private User blank, colors, and for image
7. Responsible
6. Six things you do when you wake up in the morning
girl image beautiful, body, and girl image
1. Stretch 2. Tie my Hair
accessories, champagne, and drink image flowers and toothbrush image
3. Drink water 4. Brush my teeth
kylie jenner, beauty, and skincare image bed, blonde, and food image
5. Wash my face 6. Get Breakfast
5. Five fictional characters or celebrities you identify with or are most similar to
dynasty, liz gillies, and victorious image gossip girl, blair waldorf, and chuck bass image
1. Jade from victorious 2. Blair from Gossip girl
funny, legally blonde, and elle woods image skam, skam spain, and nora grace image
3. Elle from legally blonde 4. Nora from skam
Image removed blank, colors, and for image
5. Phoebe from friends

4. Four pet peeves you have

hotel and telephone image fuck off, Late, and worst image
1. People cutting me off mid conversation. 2. Late replies.
Image removed bed, food porn, and home image
3. Borrowing my stuff without asking. 4. People eating on my bed.

3. Three colours that you wear the most

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image
1. Black 2. White
fashion, outfit, and clothes image blank, colors, and for image
3. Pink

2. Two talents you wish you had

lana del rey and lana image black and white, girl, and dance image
1. Singing 2. Dance

1. One thing you’re looking forward to right now

chinese, delicious, and food image
Ordering food for my boyfriend.

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