Hello everyone and welcome back to Part 2 of 'Getting To Know Me'. This is just a Q & A today, so lets jump into it :)

Get To Know Me:
Q & A Style

1. Something that scares me?

it, wallpaper, and fondo image Image by Mika
clowns or getting hurt in a relationship

2. Something that makes me happy?

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my family and seeing the sunshine or feeling the sunshine on my skin

3. Something that pisses me off?

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first thing that comes to mind is people who walk really slow in front of me and wont let me move around them

4. Something I am proud of?

quotes, enough, and book image Stronger, keep going, and dont give up image
The young lady I am today, I came a long ways when I felt like giving up at times, and how much I have learned to love myself after a few things I've been through

5. Something I am self conscious of?

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My acne. It's not even bad, but when I get on my period, it looks like I just hit puberty all over again and I get so self conscious of my acne then to the point I don't want to go out till after my period so my face can go back to normal lol

6. Something I am improving on?

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My mental health and adulating (sadly lol)

That is going to be it for now. I am headed to bed since its currently 1am, so good night and good morning lol. Hope you all have a good day and remember to smile often :)