hey beautiful people! a few years back, I wrote a back to school article! feel free to read it if you'd like:

I thought I'd make another one that is more applicable to current events, enjoy!

01. pick fun electives.

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theatre, cooking class, art, and choir for example.

Regardless of if you're going to physically be at school or not, you should sign up for fun electives! They're a nice break from the hustle and bustle of core classes!

As you progress in high school, you'll have more slots in your schedule to take more electives- so look forward to that as well!

02. realize that this is your foundation.

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high school is just like a Jenga tower. if you have a wobbly foundation, the entire tower is at risk of falling. now's the time to keep your foundation strong.

Freshman year is the easiest year! Pass all of your classes with soaring colors, develop great relationships with others, and try to keep your eyes on the prize- which is obviously walking across that stage in the spring of your senior year.

As I said in my previous article:

work hard now so you can relax later.
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03. get a planner.

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or at least a reminder/agenda app on your phone and laptop.

staying on top of things makes the student life much easier; trust me! check out amazon, ross, and target for some affordable agenda's. they're insanely helpful.

04. study your teachers.

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Some are more laid back than others, let that control how and what you study in class.

If you have a teacher that heavily curves grades, gives extra credit, and offers retakes, does that class really deserve an immense amount of attention? Maybe focus your time on a class that doesn't offer all of the above.

time management comes with practice, folks.

05. just do it.

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take advantage of opportunities this year! ask them out! enter that competition! apply for that job! just do it.

06. organize.

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find a system that compliments your lifestyle and go with it!

I believe that less is more.

the less i have, the less i have to organize, the more time i can put towards watching Brad Pitt movies.
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07. dating is so misrepresented in high school.

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your relationship will, in fact, look like this.

Dating and being in a relationship is supposed to be fun. If it ever becomes a bore, maybe a conversation needs to take place. above all, have fun!

08. always ask for help.

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If you can ask for money, you can ask for help.

Your teacher is literally getting paid to help you, take advantage of them! but be nice.

09. making friends is SO easy.

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Just stay calm, get ready, and make a friend! i swear it's that easy.

let me know if you'd like me to write a "how to make friends while social distancing" article!

10. be nice.

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11. listen to yourself.

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If you don’t want to hang out, or have s*x, or drink, or do dr*gs, or get your license, or a job, or confine yourself to a label- you do not have to.

12. drama is soooo minuscule.

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It's really not a big deal. Use drama as an excuse to improve your future relationships.

and that's it! if you want to hear some more tips and advice for high school, check out my video!

feel free to reach out if you have any questions! good luck, gorgeous!

~janae b. ♡