NAME | Lucille (Victoria, before W.C.K.D.)
NICKNAMES | Lucy, Shorty
AGE | 17 years old
GROUP | Group A
STATUS | Alive
TYPE | Immune


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face claim // India Eisley


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Lucille is a sarcastic girl with a bad temper, and her cute appearance can fool many people. Your greatest quality is to be very hopeful, and your greatest flaw is your impatience. She is also extremely angry when people are irritating her because of her height.


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Janson is Lucille’s father. When her mother died, Lucille had to endure the evils that her father did to her and her younger brother. Later, she was sent to the Glade without remembering anything, not even about her father and her brother.
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John is Lucille’s younger brother. John was sent to the Glade after Lucille, and deep down he felt he already knew her. And John was not wrong, as Janson revealed that the two were his children when Lucille and John were fleeing W.C.K.D.
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Josephine is Lucille's daughter. Jo is Lucille’s daughter with her boyfriend Minho. She was born 5 months after W.C.K.D. kidnap Minho. Being still a baby, Jo does not show her real personality. According to Newt and Thomas, she is a “sleeping and crying machine”.


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Abraham (best friend). Since Lucille arrived in the Glade, Abraham has been his first friend, and the two have become almost inseparable. They lived so much together that the rest of the Glade thought they were dating, when in fact Abraham was gay.
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Thalia (best friend). The two were sent to Glade together, and they were the first girls there. Since then, they have always been very close. They have never parted and always supported each other when something goes wrong.
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Maud (ex-friend). Maud arrived with Teresa, and Lucille was the only one who managed to speak to her. When Maud and Teresa betrayed the team, Lucille couldn't believe that one of her friends was on the wrong side the whole time.
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Newt (friend). Newt was the first boy Lucille had contact with and the two became friends from the first moment. In fact, Lucille is a great Newtmas shipper, which makes both Newt and Thomas ashamed and angry.
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Thomas (friend). Thomas and Lucille did not like each other very much at first, because Thomas was so curious that it made Lucille angry. But when they started spending more time together, the two ended up becoming friends.


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Minho (fiance). Lucille has known Minho since her first day at the Glade. At first the two did not like each other, but over time the two managed to create a friendship, until Lucille began to feel something more than a friendship. She kept these feelings for a long time, even though it was very difficult because she was a runner with him and the two spent a lot of time together. Until one day, when Lucille tried to reveal her feelings, she couldn't help herself and ended up kissing Minho, who was startled by the act but soon reciprocated. The two started dating and they never broke up, until W.C.K.D. kidnap Minho and he be separated from his pregnant girlfriend. After 6 months, the two finally reconnect and Minho meets his daughter Jo, and it was a very happy and exciting moment. In the end, Lucille and Minho were able to feel safe and raise their daughter without worry.