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NAME: Ivana Artemis Stilinski

AGE: 16 (in season one)

SPECIES: human (formerly), werewolf/wendigo chimera (formerly), werewolf beta (currently)


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werewolf/wendigo chimera
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beta werewolf


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Ivana is Stiles cousin, her mother related to Stiles mother. Growing up in different states, the two families made extra effort to see each other over the weekends and breaks, forming an unbreakable bond between the two cousins and Scott. After the death of Claudia however, Ivana's mother found it difficult to go to Beacon Hills without breaking down over the loss of her sister and cut back on the regular visits, causing Ivana to miss her two best friends greatly.

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Over time though, she moved on and made a life for herself in Colorado when she and her parents got into a car crash at age 13. The car crash took her father and placed her mother in a coma. Ivana was in critical condition and had to have a kidney transplant due to the impact of the crash.

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Finishing her recovery at age 16 and with her mother still in a coma, Noah took her in and raised her as if she were his own. The bond between Ivana, Stiles and Scott quickly returned and she began to adjust to life in Beacon Hills, though frequently visiting her mother in Colorado.


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She and Stiles are super close and people often mistake them for siblings rather than cousins. Ivana would die for him.
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She and Scott have been friends since childhood. Scott acts like her brother, protecting and defending her at all costs. They love each other very much and would do anything for each other.
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She and Allison were both the new girls and became good friends. Ivana was nervous to come out of her shell at first but they eventually become training partners and trust each other till the end.
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Ivana was unsure about Lydia at first, only being friends because of Allison. As time went on though, the two girls became the best of friends and helped each other through Allison's death.
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Ivana doesn't like Jackson, she thinks he is a jerk and often tells him off for being rude to Scott and Stiles. She also isn't a fan of Kira, feeling as though she is trying to replace Allison.
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Ivana finds Malia's awkwardness very entertaining but often helps her. They are good friends but often butt heads on important matters that require someone to mediate (usually Scott or Lydia)
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She and Issac didn't get along at first but after accidentally being locked in together at Lydia's party they realised they have a lot in common. They end up dating throughout season 3 but when Issac leaves without saying goodbye he breaks Ivana's heart.
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Once school was over and everyone was going their separate ways, Derek and Ivana realised their feelings for each other over the seasons and end up together.

Due to Ivana's kidney transplant, she had two sets of DNA and was taken by the dread doctors. They turned her into a chimera with half werewolf and half wendigo DNA, giving her werewolf appearance with white wendigo eyes. The group managed to save her and help her control her new powers.

In the final season, having been on the brink of death, Derek bites her and she becomes his beta.