Hey guys! It's another article but this time it's about learning Calligraphy. What is Calligraphy? It is the art of creating written fonts and styling letters. I started learning Caligraphy last year but I started focusing on it this year.

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What to buy for Calligraphy?
Crayola marker pen
A white sheet of paper
Drawing planners
A calligraphy practice sheet

I usually download practice sheets off the internet.

Learning Calligraphy, why should you?

1. It relaxes your mind-you begin to enjoy the sensation it brings to you. I suggest you take Calligraphy workshops online and start mastering the arts of Calligraphy.

2. It forces you to stay disciplined- learning Calligraphy gives you that common ground.

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3. it's good for your CV- writing this on your CV that you can do something like Calligraphy can make people actually think of hiring you even if you're applying to become a Doctor

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4. Calligraphy is a basic skill learning to master up those curves and upstrokes and downstrokes can really make a difference.

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5. Calligraphy allows one to feel happy and content

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I hope this was informative.
Happy lettering!