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- this is a fictional world and doesn't actually have anything to do with myself or my life, it's just called that for the tag
- this is my second article! i think i'm going to start writing more so stay tuned for that i guess :)
- this is my first approach of a more story-like telling, feel free to leave constructive criticism if you can idk how this works
- this will be told from the point of view of one of the oc's included in this story, nadia. enjoy!



(as told by wikipedia)

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"Garbage and Pillowcase" Album Cover

The Spiders are a Canadian Alt-Indie-Rock band formed in 2014. It consists of Dominique Jasons (lead singer, rhythm guitar), Nadia Fowler (lead guitar, vocals), Parker Cunningham (drums), and Jay Thomas (bassist).
Their debut EP was released on October 29, 2014 titled, "Garbage and Pillowcase".Their first full-length album, "The Top Hits of 1756" became critically acclaimed almost instantly after it was released on June 16, 2015. Their second album, "If I Smashed My Record Player" was released on December 19, 2017 and won Best Album Of The Year at the Grammy Awards.


dominique "dom" jasons / 22 / born in chicago, may 21 1998

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a knife twists at the thought that i should fall short of the mark

light brown skin, glorious, deep brown eyes. she has dirty blonde, shoulder length, half-curly hair she desperately wishes was straight. she doesn't mention that often, though. she met her bandmates as a young teen and she was put in vocal training by her parents when she was extremely young. she doesn't like her voice. she does, however, likes beabadoobee, clairo, early weezer, phoebe bridgers, and all that other softie fake-grunge stuff.
she also likes vodka. and white wine. and beer, and margaritas. she’s the only one in the band who drinks, so it’s really none of our place to tell her when to stop. she keeps a lot of secrets about her insecurities but isn’t good at it, because of the alcohol. she likes to crash on my couch and deny the things she drunkenly admitted the night before, like how she thinks the band is stupid for getting in the way of the career path her father set up for her, or how she wants to strangle me and the rest of the band for being good songwriters. she said she likes not writing songs. she said she’s happy being the one with the least responsibility, says it frees up her weekends.
“must be hard, writing so many lyrics,” she slurred. “i would fucking kill myself if my head worked like yours!” she clutched her stomach with laughter, spilled her budweiser on my couch as she slumped down. took me hours to get that smell out, a nasty stench that haunted my living room. her father wanted her to become a psychologist and she lies to herself about wanting to become a psychologist. no one’s really stopping her though, just herself.

jay thomas / 21 / born in toronto, august 29 1998

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if you could see my thoughts you would see our faces

jay had always said their mom disappeared for weeks at a time and their dad brought home bimbos every night. i know they learned bass early, and ran away at 15. said they just packed up and left, and their parents didn't notice for a good week-and-a-half.
the first time i had seen jay's parents was when i was 17, jay was 18. then, i had only seen photos and heard retched things about their parents. when i saw what looked like their parents, happy, with a happy toddler in the grocery cart an aisle away from ours, i tapped their shoulder and turned their head. i’ll never forget the way their face dropped, or the way their pupils contorted, or the sound of their hands clamping over their mouth after dropping the carton of oat milk they were holding flat on the ground. the couple looked at jay, and didn’t recognize their own child. but with the eyeliner, buzzcut, tattoos and beanie i wouldn’t recognize jay as their 15-year-old self either.
i drove jay home as they told me the truth about their family and past. turns out, jay's parents were devoted christians. they weren’t as disconnected and twisted as jay said they were. they were fucking homophobic however, and tried to send jay to conversion therapy, that’s why they ran away. i asked jay why they felt the need to lie. jay didn’t answer. instead, they filled the silence with the smiths cd they bought at the old store they used to work at 6 years ago. if jay even worked there, i'm doubting my belief in.

nadia fowler / 20 / born in toronto, april 21 2000

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but then we fall back to earth, fall back to life, fall back in strife

fucking hell, i’ll try and make this quick. i’m from toronto, i picked up my first guitar when i was 10. my parents weren’t around all that much and i only got good because my parents left me at my grandparents’ house a lot. the only thing they let me watch was van halen’s greatest live moments on vhs, i had nothing better to do there.
i like to paint my nails, but i keep them short. i like grilled cheese and lemonade and i hate playing violin. my high school music teacher was a jackass, but the only person who coached me through anything and pushed me to be greater. she taught me everything, including the violin. i fucking hate hot cross buns.
she taught me algebra better than my algebra teacher did. she parented me more than my parents did. she loved me like i was her own daughter. then, she hung herself from a ceiling fan when i was 14. no note. that’s when i started writing our first album, with a botched title. the tracklist was fucked too, if i could rewrite it now i would. hell, if i could un-release it now, i would. that album is so fucked, me and the world would be better off forgetting it.
since then, i've written all the lyrics for all of our albums. it's fucking exhausting, but somehow my material never runs out. i can't wait for the day that it does.

parker cunningham / 20 / born in toronto, september 9, 1999

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the day that i met you i started dreaming

parker is the only sane one in the group. she likes painting, and painted her first drum set when she was 12. her parents are nice, loving people. her mom makes a kick-ass pot pie, too. she’s got these freckles that i like to immerse myself into sometimes. she's got curly brown hair that smells like lavender all the time, and she writes poetry in this leather notebook she painted, they inspire some of our songs. she likes listening to clairo on vinyl and painting flowers on my arms and hands.
she’s so innocent. i wish i could save her. she doesn’t have any emotional baggage for me to write paragraphs about, she doesn’t have any trauma. i wish i was her, or i wish i was dating her. she’s straight, and got this fucking asshole of a boyfriend, james. he’s a fucking tiktoker. this prick is almost in his mid-20’s and he’s on tiktok.
nobody in the band likes him. i hope she breaks it off with him, leaves the band with me, moves to a cottage in the countryside and paints on my arm until we die. she talks about moving in with james. i hate when she does, but it makes it bearable replacing his name with mine. she seems happy with him. i don’t know why. i’ll get over it someday.


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