this is a sick ass playlist that give me the vibes of being an angsty teen punk in a small town ! contains that good shit, it's great if you wanna get into some new music. spotify link-

no fun club- frank iero

fame < infamy- fall out boy

nobody puts baby in the corner- fall out boy

dumb- nirvana

where do we belong? anywhere but here- frank iero

bitches- mindless self indulgence

serve the servants- nirvana

lithium- nirvana

verbatim- mother mother

hot topic- le tigre

teenage whore- hole

eat them- lady pills

give 'em hell, kid- my chemical romance

you know what they do to guys like us in prison- my chemical romance

i'm not okay (i promise)- my chemical romance

it's not a fashion statement, it's a fucking deathwish- my chemical romance

cemetery drive- my chemical romance

early sunsets over monroeville- my chemical romance

vampire money- my chemical romance

ribs- lorde

pheromones- meth wax

maniac- conan gray

nazi punks fuck off- dead kennedys

modern day cain- i don't know how but they found me

smash hit- potty mouth

hybrid moments- misfits

blow yr mind- be your own pet

riot grrrl- daddy issues

she's the prettiest girl at the party, and she can prove it with a solid right hook- frank iero

tragician- frank iero

r u a feminist- breakfast muff

parents- yungblud

i make boys cry- adult mom

girl anachronism- the dresden dolls

i wish i was a riot grrrl- destructo disk

bitch theme- bratmobile

girlfriends don't keep- bratmobile

hum hallelujah- fall out boy

the carpal tunnel of love- fall out boy

it's hard to say "i do", when i don't- fall out boy

girls in bikinis- poppy

night- the end of electronics

queer as in fuck you- dog park dissidents

don't touch my shit- the coathangers

how to be a woman- cerce

i'll make you sorry- screaming females

pet sematary- ramones

all apologies- nirvana

mellon collie and the infinite sadness- the smashing pumpkins

fun, fun, fun- the beach boys

sanctified- nine inch nails

girlfriend in a coma- the smiths

smuckers- tyler, the creator

rebel girl- bikini kill

dead men don't rape- 7 year bitch

cherry bomb- bratmobile

2.5mg just ain't enough for me- frank iero

thelema- ofdream

witness- mindless self indulgence

i'll die anyway.- girl in red

do unto others- mindless self indulgence

i wanna be a witch- teen suicide

brain damage- eminem

my darling- eminem

what do they know?- mindless self indulgence

under the influence- eminem

sophomore slump or comeback of the year- fall out boy

young and doomed- frank iero

i never told you what i do for a living- my chemical romance

the joker's wild- insane clown posse

for the love of god- mindless self indulgence

arms tonite- mother mother

yesterday- lil peep

where'd all the time go?- dr. dog

graffiti paint- field medic

glitter- field medic

the taste of ink- the used

pretty handsome awkward- the used

buried myself alive- the used

poetic tragedy- the used

happy together (feat. ray toro)- gerard way

maya the psychic- gerard way

fantastic bastard- death spells

stage 4 fear of trying- frank iero

guilttripping- frank iero

i am going to kill the president of the united states- leathermouth

5th period massacre- leathermouth

your friends are full of shit- leathermouth

professional griefers- deadmau5, gerard way

the bird and the worm- the used

dear percocet, i don't think we should see each other anymore.- frank iero

fuck everything- euringer, chantal claret

paralyzed- the used

do you kiss your mama with that mouth- euringer

puncha nazi- doll skin

ouija- isabella amarga, joeyy

black hole- be your own PET