You Don’t Need to be Productive

Since quarantine began, people have been trying out new recipes, working on goals, starting their own businesses and handling it all really well.

Or so it seems.

Once again, the internet can be clouding reality. Influencers, studygrams, and YouTubers are showing us their quarantine hustles. And it can make it harder for those of us who count changing from pj’s to sweatpants as a success.

I’ve written two other articles about productivity culture that I wanted to share in addition to this one:

Working on your goals is great, keeping up a routine is great, but if you aren’t feeling these things, that’s okay too.

I graduated college back in early June and for a bit I was just waiting for a job. I knew I had some prospects, but the companies were still figuring out if they could even hire during this time. Also, because I graduated, I lost my job at the college, since it’s a student position only. I was and am doing fine financially, but all of a sudden it was like I was back in early high school summer.

No job. No school. And something new: no parents.
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I had a ton of free time. My roommate was in the same boat as me so we had a couple of weeks of a rest period. We woke up when we wanted, played video games, watched movies, laughed. It was really nice.

Then she left to go home.

And all of a sudden, I realized all of the rest of my friends had jobs, so they were working 8-5 (or longer) and didn’t exactly have time for me during the week.

So, I had to recognize I was going to be alone quite a bit.

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I have had to let myself relax even more. There were a couple of things to fill my time – I ended up getting a job that starts in a couple weeks, in a different state, so planning on moving and getting health insurance, etc.

But there definitely were days I just curled in my big floofy recliner all day and binged Hulu or Netflix. And there were days I beat myself up for it.

Beating myself up for it was not a healthy way to live.

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What I chose to do instead was make sure each day, I completed a single task. Whether that be the laundry, the dishes, making myself a healthy meal, vacuuming my room – I counted it.

You do not need to be mean or frustrated with yourself if you’re struggling with this. This situation is not normal and we cannot be expecting our bodies to easily adapt to a whole new way of life at the drop of a hat.

By all means, if you have the energy to bake bread from scratch or teach yourself how to knit, by golly, do so.

But, as some places open back up (and others are re-closing), do not try to force yourself to get back into the old routine, especially if you now realize it wasn’t working for you. Spend some time thinking about what really matters to you. Is it family time? Sticking to a routine? Making homemade meals or making ordering out a more acceptable thing?

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Sit for five minutes. Think or type or write. And make some decisions moving forward.
If this is too overwhelming, and it can be, especially right now, then put this on the backburner. On the day you are feeling productive, come back to this and try it.

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I hope you all are staying safe. If you are making any big transitions during this time, I wish you the absolute best, know that I’m sending good vibes and energy your way. And even if you’re not making any big transitions, still know that I’m thinking of you.

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