Name, appearance and aesthetic

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Sarah Motta. 17 years old. Brown eyes and brown hair. Hispanic.

Places you will find her

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At the Palm Woods pool, in BTR's apartment, and in and out of auditions


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When Sarah first moved to the Palm Woods she fell for Kendall and his sarcastic sense of humor. Kendall and Sarah dated for a little bit, but broke up, because they thought they were better off as friends; or brother and sister... things became very awkward between them once her dad started dating his mom.
As time went on, James and Sarah began to become really good friends. Sarah never really liked James in that sort of way and neither did he. She thought he was narcissistic, annoying, and cocky. While he was just never all that into her, especially because of her past relationship with Kendall.
But things changed and they were drawn together by happenstance, the world and events bringing them together. They didn't want to be together but it happened. They loved each other and brought out the good in one another.
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They were scared at first and kept their relationship a secret. A secret from their friends and their fans. But after pictures got leaked by the press, they owned up to it and shared it with the world.


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an actress. She stars in hit tv shows and movies.