We’re living in a time when people are much more cautious about their personal care products. Now, we like to spend time searching for beauty products labeled, “clean”, “cruelty-free”, “green”, “all-natural” “non-toxic”, etc. But, can we trust what it says on the labels?

Recently, I became familiar with the term, “Greenwashing”. Greenwashing is when companies mislead consumers by claiming that their products are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and natural when in reality they are NOT. So, two things...we cannot trust the labels, and we’ll have to spend more time researching beauty products if we’re serious about glamming up the toxin-free way.

Thankfully, there are apps that can really speed up your research time. Through various rating systems, they let you know if the products you’re considering are truly clean, semi-clean, or simply toxic and dirty.

Think Dirty App

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Easily scan products, type in product names, or search by category. Then it’ll give you a rating of the product. Zero is the cleanest rating, and “10” is the most toxic. It will also detail every ingredient in the product, from the cleanest to most toxic.

Detox Me

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Detox Me app is basically your go-to manual, to assure you purchase the safest, toxin-free products. It will guide you, and educate you on every aspect of finding truly “green” products.

Beauty brands that greenwash


You’ll be surprised at the big names within the beauty industry that are greenwashing. Some of them have become popular on the sole principle that they are safe. But, since they’re not, what’s next for them?

-Tarte Cosmetics
-Yes To.
-Neutrogena Pure & Free
-Burt’s Bees
-Bare Minerals
-Alba Botanica

Truly “Clean” Cosmetics You Need Now….

Let’s decrease your research time. Here are various beauty products that are not only truly “clean”, they’re also top quality. No fine print with these…

Pacifica Dream Big Lash Extending 7 in 1 Mascara

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If you’re all about lengthening and volumizing those lashes, you’ll want this baby! Pacifica’s Dream Big Lash Extending 7 in 1 Mascara, contains natural plant fibers that build. You can expect wow-factor length, volume, and rich color. Favorite ingredients in this are Vitamin B, Coconut, and Kelp!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush

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100% Pure is one of the cleanest, and most loved beauty brands of the moment. This blush goes on so smooth and wears beautifully all day long. It comes in many shades and is made from pressed rice powder and antioxidant-rich fruit pigments.

Rejuva Minerals Pur’ Lips Lipstick

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This lipstick is intensely moisturizing and is packed with certified organic ingredients. It’s also Paraben, soy, and GMO-free, with no added gluten. All shades are colored with minerals and fruit, with no FD&C dyes or carmine.

Alima Pure Pressed Eyeshadow

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This is a pressed eyeshadow with a creamy powder texture. It blends like a dream, it’s weightless, and lasts all day. Alima’s eyeshadows are made with avocado oil, jojoba oil, and rice powder.

W3ll People Bio Bronzer Baked Powder

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This is an ultra-smooth bronzer that will give you the perfect sun-kissed glow. It has a beautiful finish and lasts all day. Expect your skin to really love you for using this because it is made with lactic acid, and squalane. The best ingredients for plump, and youthful skin.