This article is going to be about Lady Gaga and how she changed pop culture.

In 2009, I was very young. I would always hear about Lady Gaga's music and fashion. All things of Lady Gaga. One thing that I'd never heard about is her.

Her as a person going as far within her personality, love of pop, and how she'd stand whilst playing her piano. She truly aced the arts of success and fame whilst still not being known.

Everyone was talking about her but not necessarily her.

In the limelight of fame whilst still holding immense anonymity.

That alone is what provoked many unnecessary questions asked about her. Everyone knew of Lady Gaga but not quite who she is.

They knew very well who she was, not how she was.

Her answers towards obscene and impertinent questions being handled quickly, nonchalant, and clever was key.

She knew the depths of fame. Never denying nor agreeing with questions asked about her which, in turn, always left journalists, interviewers, and paparazzi perplexed and appalled.

She would remain entirely raw and authentic without feeling the need to give vulnerably personal pieces of herself to the media just to talk because she knew very well what they wanted to hear and see.
The rise of a new star, controversy around the said individual, eventually breaking them, and then death.

What exactly do you think happened to Britney Spears in 2007?

In the early 2000s, she was admired and in her prime.

Eventually, she began to get the same treatment as people before her. She began to be mocked and ridiculed by the media.
Theories about her going off of the deep end because of a relationship, not being able to see her kids, the clear pain that she was in.

This woman was in a questionable mental state and was only used as a photo on the front of tabloids for money.

Why? Because people, although some may not admit it, are invested in the downfall and breakdowns of high status celebrities.

People within the media couldn't care less how you feel because their job solely depends and exists for one reason only. Money.

They don't care to know how your day was if you didn't spend it doing something "juicy" such as cheating and partying. If you weren't, they'd make it up.

Lady Gaga was very self aware and that's what prompted her cryptic responses and portrayal of herself to the media.

What words of hers will they twist when you know of her but not about her?

No one to say "Gaga would never!" because you didn't know anything about her. Even with her being very famous.

Gaga saw the opportunity, knew the game, and played it.

The MTV Awards show that aired on September 9, 2009 was a very memorable day in pop culture and remains a very prominent day to this day.

Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift's speech, Beyoncé awarded VOTY talking and acknowledging the award that she received at seventeen when she was apart of Destiny's Child, and the same very day Lady Gaga bled for pop.

That night, she gave everyone something to talk about.

She portrayed vulnerability, pain, and distress. Showing how you can be pushed so far that you end up dead because of fame.

She opened the performance by saying "Amidist all of these flashing lights I pray the fame won't take my life".

Abusive image art, blood, and outfit image

Curly blonde hair, heavy dark makeup, and blood-stained clothing.

The "picture perfect" attributes such as the lace bodysuit and blonde hair paired with the dark eye makeup, blank stare, and dark sounds of the instrumental loudening made the overall experience feel even more raw.

Even mid-performance when she was depicted as having to use a walking stick cane, the media was still depicted as following her until the people in white began to crowd around her which resulted in them "getting to her" mentally.

Althroughout the performance as she was talking about the paparazzi, you could hear cameras clicking depicting their need of getting the "perfect shot" even at your worst.

At the ending of the performance when she "died", you could still hear the haunting sounds of cameras clicking.

This performance will always be one of my favorites. She came into the world of fame knowing how to cleverly play the game. When she ended that era, she showed what fame can ultimately do to a person.

This era will always be both an iconic and symbolic piece of pop culture. The instances listed in this article of Gaga's attributes to pop culture are just a few.

Thank you for reading my piece on an interesting era speaking on the cost of fame.

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