I’m so happy to finally show the ranking of my favorite album, Ultraviolence. Like I said in my previous articles, I love all the songs on the album, this is just for fun. Also, I included the tracks from the *deluxe edition, *iTunes store edition, and *Japanese edition. Enjoy!

16. Guns and roses

rose, red, and flowers image

15. The other woman

love, couple, and kiss image

13. Shades of cool

Dream, dark, and mysterious image

12. Money power glory

money, theme, and aesthetic image

11. Pretty when you cry

<3, cartoon, and popart image

10. Black beauty

grunge, pale, and black+and+white image

9. Ultraviolence

aesthetic, fashion, and indie image

8. Sad girl

aesthetic, bad, and fire image

7. Florida kilos

Abusive image

6. Fucked my way up to the top

smoke, cigarette, and grunge image

5. Old money

flowers, blue, and nature image

4. Flipside

girl, car, and grunge image

3. Cruel world

cigarette, nails, and aesthetic image

2. Brooklyn baby

beautiful, dating, and holding hands image

1. West coast

Image removed

And that's it! I hope you liked the images, I had a little trouble trying to get images that really fits the aesthetic but I'm still satisfied with the result. Ultraviolence is my favorite era with Born to Die and the songs on this album mean a lot to me.

Feel free to follow my two Lana collections below. Next Lana article will be Ranking Paradise songs. Can't wait to do this one too!