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I wanted to write this article because I feel that art is a great way to teach people about something important and to make them understand - even better, to allow them to "experience" the topic.

There are so many amazing films that allow us to understand very important issues and topics so here are some of my recommendations that I watched and that teached me a lot.

Men, Women & Children

directed by Jason Reitman
written by Chad Kultgen

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This movie is an interconnected story about some people, teenagers and adults, each one with your own situation, that deal with the modern world and understand the consequences of their choices. Its a very intense and honest movie that shows true issues from society. Also, the cast is amazing including Ansel Elgort, Adam Sendler and Jennifer Garden.

American Beauty

directed by Sam Mendes
written by Allan Ball

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This movie literally caused an effect on me. It talks about distorted society patterns that exists, talks about what we consider "strange" and about how its impossible to be stuck in it when you become conscious, aware about how distorted it is and it uses USA as the scenario, which I thought fit perfectly. Watch it.

The Perks of being a wallflower

directed and written by Stephen Chbosky

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This is a classic, you have probably have already watched it and I like that people gave this movie the deserved attention. It talks about how the we traumas we lived can create life-long responses, about learning to be yourself within a judgmental society and to be open to loving people that share the same feelings.
Some people consider this movie depressing but its interesting to see because we are all like Charlie in some way, we just deal with it differently. The switch this movie has at some point teached me that life goes way beyond our close minded ideas and identification with our sadness.

Devils Advocate

directed by Taylor Hackford
written by Andrew Neiderman

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The cast is Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves so its already a good reason to watch it. But this movie is about how being dragged by the idea of success and superiority can take you to very strange and dark places. It can be even shocking to watch it in some points because it shows things that we all do in an amplified way to make it clear. This movie was a huge wake up call for me.

Meet Joe black

directed by Martin Brest
written by Bo Goldman, Kevin Wade, Ron Osborn

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I love this movie, it is a perfect metaphor that its built in a way to explain it almost step by step the way we live and how its harmful for ourselves. It is about a business man that is shocked by the arrival of death in his life, literally and figuratively. It shows how he deals with this situation and how he starts to understand and regret the way he spent his own life. Its really beautiful and worth the watch. (Also there's Brad Pitt so...)

This was part one, stay tuned for part two! I really hope you watch this films, all of them marked my life in some way and gave a lesson about something. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on them after watching it on the messages or in my instagram @birthlessart