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Okay so first of all I want to say that Harry Potter is my favourite saga ever; I have read every single book a thousand times, I watched every movie a thousand more and I’ve seen the Crimes of Grindelwald too. I want to say that my opinions are clarified and I know what I am talking about.

Now another thing I want to say before we begin is that it would be Spoilers from every book / film so if you are currently reading Harry Potter don’t read this article. Also, I need to clarify that I’d be criticizing the characters, but not the actors, so let’s not mix these together. I wanted to make that clear because I’ve seen a LOT of people criticizing the actors that portray some characters from another films and I hate that. Last but not least, I must say that every opinion is valid and not because I have my own opinion about someone means that you can’t like that character on specific. I’ve talked with a few Potterheads friends I have and we all have different opinions and we could debate about them, which I found so cool!

So let’s go into it:

1. I don’t like Albus Dumbledore

I know that Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is seen as the good character that without him nobody could fight Lord Voldemort. But my opinion about him is that he could have done things better. He treated Harry as a pig that has to be sacrificed and I hated that. Also, I find Ariana situation so weird and I have the feeling that it was him who killed her. Also what’s going on with the teachers of the Defense of the Dark Arts? Shouldn’t he choose better teachers ( apart from Lupin) if he is supposed to be the wisest wizard at school? Also, I think that he should have let Snape teach this subject from the beginning, since he knows exactly how to defense himself from dark magic. Okay so I could say more things but I’m done for today!

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2. Lord Voldemort is the best character on the entire series

Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort is the best character in this universe and you can’t convince otherwise. Yes, he is evil, but in the sixth book, when you learn about his past and history I kinda empathize with him. He has a brilliant mind (sadly he uses it for bad things, but we cannot deny him that) and is one of the biggest villains ever written. Firstly, you know about him that he is evil, but as the story continues, you see why and that’s what makes me adore him. Also he is one of the most powerful wizards ever and from my point of view, the lack of love is what made him be this way.

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3. Viktor Krum should have won the Triwizard Tournament

Do we need to argue about that? I mean he is chosen from the school of Drumstrang, a school known for the dark arts being teached to the students. Also, he is 17 and is the seeker of the Bulgaria Quidditch team, he is an amazing character and I think is kinda underrated. I’d gladly read an entire book about him and his school. If it wasn’t from Barty Crouch Jr , I am convinced he’d be the winner of the Triwizard Tournament.

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4. I don’t like James Potter

Okay let me explain before you have a heart attack. I must clarify I don’t like young James Potter’s behavior towards Severus Snape at Hogwarts. I think there’s no reason to justify the bullying he made towards Snape; he was a jealous asshole and I hate this part from him. Thankfully, as years passed he become a better person and he faced You Know Who unarmed and die trying to save his wife and son’s life.

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5. Draco Malfoy is not evil

Yes he is an idiot in the first books and a bully, but I don’t think he is evil. In fact, he is my favourite character, so I’d try to defend him. Obviously what he did when he was a bully mustn’t be forgiven but from the fifth book till the end the boy had no choice. He was his dad punishment and had to go through an impossible mission, but he fought through it and he succeed (with a little bit of help). Also, he saw his friend dying in front of his eyes, and he had to choose between his life or Harry and company, so I can’t blame him for being afraid of Voldemort. Also how to forget when he (and Dobby) saved Harry’s friends to not reveling that was him in front of his family and Fenrir Greyback when I am 100% convinced that he knew exactly that was him. So that would be all about Draco Malfoy, I’d really like that people acknowledged his good personality and his reasons to be like this.

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6. I liked Fred’s death

It’s not that I enjoyed it, on the contrary, I absolutely adore Fred Weasley and George Weasley , as they are the definition of iconic. What I like is that his death is kinda realistic, I mean is a war so is the rough truth that all people die and that life is not fair. Fred’s death taught me that I always have to live my life at the fullest, as I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

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7. Narcissa Malfoy is a good character

Narcissa Malfoy is another underrated character, and I’m here to bring her the attention she deserves. When fans talk about how a mother love saved Harry a couple times, they’re referring to Lily Evans (ofc) and Molly Weasley, but some of them forget about her. She literally lied to Voldemort that harry was dead and he believed. She risked her life to save his son’s and also Harry. I know that she is the wife of a Death Eater but she is also Andromeda Tonks and Sirius Black’s family, so she still has a good heart. Appreciate her more please!

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8. Remus and Tonks shouldn’t had ended together

My opinion about them is short: I absolutely adore this two characters, but I think that their relationship is kinda forced in my opinion? I don’t know, maybe in the future my point of view changes, but right now I feel so.

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9. I don’t like Severus Snape

Okay, la crème de la crème. The topic I wanted the most to discuss, I know that 98.5 of the fandom will be against me but I absolutely dislike Severus Snape. First of all, I have Neville Longbottom in a special place inside my heart so I think that his reason to bully him and hate him is terrible. I mean he is literally hating on him for being him? I don’t know folks, that’s totally inexcusable. Also, I know that at the end he was ‘good’ but the fact that also hated Harry (and made fun of him every time) for having his mother’s eyes and for being able to survive is dumb. Also he was forever resentful with James Potter for being the one that Lily choose to love and live with and that’s completely selfish. When you love someone you want this person to be happy but apparently he was only focusing on himself.

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10. Horace Slughorn knew the truth about Tom Riddle all long

This is also a brief opinion, but I always thought that Horace Slughorn knew all long what Tom Marvolo Riddle wanted to do with the Horrocruxs but was too afraid to stop him. What’s more, I also have the opinion that he lied when he said that he had no idea for not having the heavy conscience laying on him all the time.

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11. Cedric is a useless character

So... yes, I hated Cedric so much, and I’m going to pretend that I don’t know this character. To be honest, I even forget him at some point. I mean he doesn’t do nothing apart from being Harry’s rival on the tournament. Maybe if we had more information about him, my opinion would change, but for now I’m going to maintain it.

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12. I like Peter Pettigrew

I think that this is the most unpopular opinion out there, but let me explain. I like Peter Pettigrew as a character . Yes, he was awful and what he did is unforgivable but also at the end he had remorse of his actions and even say sorry ( in his own way, but he did), and people tend to forget that. I absolutely love The Marauders and the best present for my birthday would be a 800 pages book about them, but sadly it won’t happen. I’m saying this because in edits I saw on the internet, there are people that erase him from the group and that makes me angry. Yes, he betray them but they were good friends when they were kids, so I don’t like that. Also he was always a little unappreciated and some people didn’t care at all about him so I kinda understand him. Also it doesn’t seems that way, but he was smarter than people think, because he could hide during a lot of time and even made everyone believe that he was dead and Sirius Black was the culprit all long.

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13. I liked Cho and Harry together

For me Cho is an amazing character, she was such a good person with a lot of problems which she suffered in silence because she didn’t wanted to worry her friends. And yes, she should be careful with the friends she choose, but the fact that Umbridge discovered the Dumbledore’s Army was not her fault but everyone blamed her and turned their back to her. This character is absolutely underrated, and that shouldn’t be that way, so appreciate my girl a little more!

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14. Sirius Black’s death was kinda dumb

I said that a thousand times, but Sirius Black’s death was so freaking dumb and unnecessary. Yes, I get it, Harry always looses his parental figures, but this death should not have happened. Also, the charm Bellatrix used was not avada kedavra, so if it wasn’t for that veil door thing he could have survived. I always felt that Sirius Black’s death was so rushed written by the author, and for me the alternative end could have been or dying in the Hogwarts' Battle or just don’t dying and seeing Harry forming a family with Ginny.

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So that’d be all ! I hope you liked this article and if our opinions are different don’t worry, it’s completely fine! I also apologize if I made mistakes writing in English.

Bye ! :)


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