Hey, articles to distract you a little.
In that quarantine. Some posts of mine that will be in my collections.

Ei, artigos para distrair um pouco voçês.
Nessa quarentena. Alguns postes meu que vão estar nas minhas coleções.


loser, lovers, and wallpaper image sucker, pink, and neon image nike image adidas, pink, and rose image


beauty and makeup image girl, baddie, and slay girl image beauty, makeup, and girl image beauty image

Selena Gomez

selena gomez, selena, and coach image selena gomez, selena, and selenagomez image


adidas, girl girls makeup, and cyber aesthetic ghetto image adidas, Calvin Klein, and fashion image


best friend, bestie, and birthday image beauty, kim kardashian, and queens image

Black and White

fashion, outfit, and girl image nike, shoes, and black image


boy, guy, and Hot image


coffee, shop, and coffee shop image book, starbucks, and jeans image


kylie jenner, jenner, and kylie image purpose tour, justin bieber, and couple image alternative, black, and moda image car, audi, and black image

Selfie (Looks)

body, fashion, and outfit image stassiebaby, blonde, and hair image body, Hottie, and outfit image fashion and mirror selfie image


boy, boys, and inspiration image girl, goals, and friends image girl, friends, and aesthetic image alissa violet image


couple, love, and hug image couple, love, and boy image love, couple, and beach image goals, relationships, and aesthetic image


dog, animal, and puppy image dog, pug, and animal image

Enjoy :)