my favourite type of games are social games, where you're able to socialise with friends while also customising your character. i usually spend all my money on these types of games, which probably isnt the best. however, i decided to make a list of my favourite.

1. imvu.

ive been a member (using multiple accounts) since i was a kid. the clothes are amazing and the quality is good, however it is for more older kids and can be expensive.

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my user is ajaxbaby.

2. highrise.

this is my my most recent favourite.. the clothes are super cute and its quite easy to get rares. you just have to compete in events and collect rares (clothes), and then you can trade them for gold. there is also bubbles but they're not as good as you can only buy limited stuff with them. there are a few issues with overpriced items.

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my user is ellejaynee.

3. zepeto.

i recently downloaded this app again a few weeks ago and a lot has changed since the last time i had it. its pretty wholesome, no drama from what ive seen. the clothes are cute and simple. a cute app really.

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my code is Y3HLS1.

4. hotel hideaway.

this ones the last on the list, as i dont know any other good ones. its pretty easy. they give you lots of gold and money and free spins off the bat, and help you out on the functions.

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im not sure if you can search up, but my user is elle #139334.

if you need help, add me. on highrise, i may donate something if you say you're from weheartit. enjoy!

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