The only way to experience life or reality is through our subjective perspective. How do I decide when to trust my senses and when not to? How do I know if anything exists objectively? I have experienced many events in my life that could be considered a horrible event for some people. But the truth is that sometimes I don't have control over situations and everyone goes through obstacles. I feared that no one would like me because I have nothing special to offer. I Lacked the motivation to keep working because I felt that I would never be good enough.

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Over the past few years of my life, I have learned that the good and the bad in life totally depends on the outlook. Growing up in a traditional family meant that I had a set of expectations that I had to follow. Going to school and getting a Job. Finding a home and a mate. I find all these things to be a social construct that people just follow blindly.

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I have learned to create my own agenda and follow them as I move ahead in life. We all experience different things in life that shape us who we are, so why follow somebody else's footsteps? It's a good model to have but I wouldn't follow it. I try my best to put myself out there and learn from the people form those experiences. A few weeks ago, I got a job and I have to say, it's harder than I thought. Part of me really likes that because it means I am learning something that is making me stronger in that area. Even at the thought of going to work with no easy tasks, it doesn't stop me from going there. I know I am going to get a little bit better with the things I do with practice and patience.

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I think social constructs are there for a reason. Things like marriage, job, money, family, travel do bring us some pleasant experience to some degree. However, it could also make us feel that there is a boundary that shouldn't be crossed. Sometimes it's good to reach out beyond that's expected of us to understand the true meaning of things. I hope I am making sense. What do you think? Have you done things in life that felt adventurous for you? Do you feel that you are making the best out of your life? or your potential?

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