That's something that we sometimes even beg for. We don't like it when people are mad at us. But sometimes we don't know how to forgive yourself.

I don't want to give you any rules, I'm here because I couldn't forgive myself for years and now after years of not telling sorry to myself, I don't know even how to cry. I try to cry every single night when I'm alone because I feel the guilt for things, what wasn't my mistake.

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A few months ago I knew how to cry and didn't cry over simple things, but now I'm here emotionally unstable and feeling guilty for everything I did in my life.


I remember, when I forgave my friends or even myself, I felt like a new human, like somebody who loves yourself and feels comfortable in your own mind.

Also, the relieve come when you confess for what you did and you tell them the most important word in this process : Sorry (Ofcourse it must be meant)

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It's more than okay to feel the quilt for some amount of time. If you did something really bad, but it's not okay to feel that quilt after years and after forgiveness from these people you hurt.

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love yourself

If you really love yourself you will forgive yourself, sometimes it takes more time how we can imagine, but once it'll be alright.

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I'm here trying to love myself how I love others and don't feel the guilt for people who already forgave and forget me.
Soo, you know I'm here for you
Give me some feedback if something else helps you because I'm still trying to find anything helpful.

With Love