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Hello ! these are some of the kpop mv I've watched that I find aesthetically pleasing, some of these are also japanese songs from kpop groups.

1.) devil by clc

aesthetic, dessert, and sweet image Devil, kpop, and clc image

2) vampire by izone

japanese, vampire, and korean image aesthetic, details, and japanese image

3) shinin' by jonghyun

SHINee and Jonghyun image Jonghyun, kpop, and SHINee image

4) crossroads - gfriend
( but literally almost every gfriend mv is aesthetically pleasing too )

Image removed gfriend, gfriend crossroads, and gfriend mv image

5) solo by jennie

jennie, blackpink, and kpop image mv, yg, and jennie image
( break up empowerment anthem 👀 )

6) pporappippam by sunmi

icon, mv, and sunmi image icon, kpop, and mv image

7) ddd by exid

colorful, colors, and cool image girls, kpop, and le image

8) love bomb by fromis_9

aesthetic, rapper, and visual image aesthetic, girls, and icon image
( where is fromis ?? lmao )

9) retro future by triple h

aesthetic, kpop mv, and kpop image hyuna, kpop, and triple h image
( I miss triple h )

10) limitless by nct 127 ( rough ver )

aesthetic, k-pop, and kpop image mv, limitless, and nct 127 image

11) get cool by stray kids

Chan, felix, and jeongin image aesthetic, kpop gif, and kpop mv image

12) oh my ! by seventeen

Seventeen, kpop, and oh my image kpop, svt, and oh my image

13) as if it's your last by blackpink

lisa, blackpink, and as if it's your last image blackpink, rose, and kpop image

14) black swan by bts

7, black swan, and bts image bts and black swan image

15) cat & dog by txt

txt and beomgyu image txt, kpop, and taehyun image

16) you and I by dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher, yoohyeon, and you and i image dreamcatcher, kpop, and you and i image

17) can't you see me? by txt

txt, can't you see me, and soobin image gif, mv, and txt image

18) girls by nature ( uncensored ver )

Abusive image Abusive image

19) play by chungha

chungha, kpop, and kim chungha image Image by Private User

20) picky picky by weki meki

korean girl, kpop, and kpop girl image girl and kpop image

21) get it by pristin v

aesthetic and pristin image kpop, rena, and pristin v image

22) noir by sunmi

asian, korean, and red image aesthetic, beautiful, and kpop gif image

23) view by shinee

odd, SHINee, and view image aesthetic, core, and kpop image

24) yes, no, maybe by suzy

suzy and kpop image bae, aesthetic, and tumblr image

25) spring day by bts

bts, spring day, and jungkook image jin, rm, and suga image

26) heart attack by chuu/loona

aesthetic, heart attack, and indie image aesthetic, apple, and camera image

27) a girl like me by gugudan

kpop, gugudan, and a girl like me image aesthetic, grunge, and kpop image

28) good evening by shinee

SHINee, good evening, and the story of light image SHINee, good evening, and the story of light image

29) whistle by blackpink

lisa, jennie kim, and wisthle image mv, whistle, and blackpink image

30) mr. potter by dia

DIA, girl group, and kpop image DIA, girl group, and kpop image

ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

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