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1. Loves excitement and adventures!
friendship, fun, and ocean image adventure, amigas, and besties image
2. Not the best at responding to texts.
pink, aesthetic, and 90s image cartoon, powerpuff girls, and blossom image
3. Doesn't need a man to feel good about themselves.
bag, cash, and girl image madonna, power, and Powerful image
4. Spams their friends with memes and TikToks.
blond girl, model, and phone image blonde, phone, and aesthetic image
5. Likes attention.
boyfriend, passion, and sweet girl image attention, boys, and cigarette image
6. Either overshares or doesn't share at all- there is no in-between.
Image by Private User Image by Private User
7. Has a lot of mood swings.
cartoon, aesthetic, and green image cartoon, pink, and aesthetic image
8. Flirts without realizing it.
girl, rose, and beauty image dress, fashion, and flirty image
9. Sees through people's lies.
bad, black, and lollipop image funny, paris, and white image
10. Often uses music as a coping mechanism.
aesthetic, feed, and roleplay image Image by Malaika Khan

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