I am an INFJ and I found these female movie characters with the same personality type as me and I thought why not compare them with myself and see if there are any similarities.

Luna Lovegood

harry potter, hogwarts, and luna lovegood image harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image
I don't like Luna at all, but we have some similarities. Back in High school I was many times on my own without other students and Luna can be seen walking along the corridors at Hogwarts.


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Belle is my favourite Disney princess. She is stuck in a little village and wants to see more of the world just like me. Besides that, she likes to read which I also like to do.

Lara Jean Covey

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Lara Jean and I both don't have many friends, can be awkward in social situations and we both can be very quiet but know how to talk when we are around friends and family.

Mia Thermopolis

Anne Hathaway, pink, and princess diaries image Anne Hathaway, the princess diaries, and movie image
I don't think I have the same personality as Mia. I couldn't name one thing we had in common. She was a big part of my childhood though.

Hazel Grace Lancaster

okay, the fault in our stars, and book image Shailene Woodley, insurgent, and tris prior image
I loved The Fault in Our Stars when I was 12 and really loved Grace. I think we both are very close to our selves and don't like to go out that much.

Lucy Pevensie

Image by theo | ୭*。 Image by theo | ୭*。
The little girl from Narnia who likes who is really curious and wants to explore everything and I am exactly like that.

That were all female characters from movies that I watched. I'll do one with tv show characters later.

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