Hi you guys,
so I have been thinking about doing my own "tag" for a while so I came up with this... It's mostly questions about fandoms, TV-shows or movies vs. books :) I hope you enjoy and I hope some of you feel inspired to recreate the article! Also if you recreate the article feel free to add questions if you like :)

1. What was the first fandom you ever were a part of?

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Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. I remember me and my two best friends recreating both playing outside :D

2. Who was your first ever fictional crush?

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This dude (Arthur Pendragon from the BBC show Merlin). I mean he is a prince, a knight in shining armour, portrayed by Bradley James. My 12-year old heart was swoon. But I am guessing that I could have Danny Phantom here too...


3. Your all time favourite book series?

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HP. Still and forever.

4. Your favourite Bestseller?

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Love, Rosie.

5. Your favourite more unknown book?

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It's a German series about four girls becoming friends right after WWI in Hamburg. The Trilogy then tells the story of their lives. It's really well written and especially interesting for anyone with a slight historical interest :) (for the German readers the first book is called "Töchter einer neuen Zeit" - Carmen Korn)

6. Your favourite character(s)?

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We share the same birthday, the same Hogwarts house... So what can I say? I love that Draco is so widely loved in the HP fandom although he is a flawed character. Or maybe exactly because of that? He isn't brave at all but he is ambitious and loyal and turns out to have a good heart after all. I just love his arch.

7. Your least favourite character(s)?

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As much as I loved the storyline I just never warmed to Bella as the protagonist...


8. What was the first TV-Series you obsessed over?

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Just like every other girl my age I was obsessed with Winx Club. My favourite is Stella (if you couldn't tell).

9. What was the first "grown up" TV-Series you ever obsessed over?

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Grey's definetely. The new episodes in Germany used to be broadcasted every Wednesday at 20:15 (I actually think they still are?) and I never missed one.

10. Your favourite series right now?

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Outer Banks. I wasn't too hooked at first but if you have a thing for broken characters just like me you will stay for JJs sake. Just saying.

11. And one you could watch over and over?

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Gilmore Girls. Yes I am a sucker for mainstream stuff. But it's just so cozy!

12. And one not many people know and you would recommend?

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So German TV hasn't been too good to us the last few years but then "Dark" came along and literally saved the day. If you like dark (:D), twisty, kind of confusing series then tag along and watch "Dark".

13. Fave Disney Channel Show?

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To one day wake up and realize I have been Hannah Montana all along is my biggest dream.

14. Fave throwback show?

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Full House (which btw is not on German Netflix anymore which makes me ultra sad) also, three words: Young John Stamos.

15. Favourite character(s)?

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Caroline Forbes. Literally my spirit animal. Her development on the show was great. I loved how she learned to live by literally dying?

16. Least favourite character(s)?

I have to say that I couldn't think of any character that I really loathed so I am just going to leave this blank.

17. Biggest Series crush?

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Zach Dempsey. He is a sweet little angel and deserves the world.

18. Any other TV-Series you love and haven't mentioned yet

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- 13 reasons why: never ever cried over a character's death as much as about Justins - Supernatural: look at those two. who couldn't love them? - Teen Wolf: I mean Dylan O'Brien as Void Stiles has to be one of my favourite performances in TV history. - The Tudors, Medici, and so many more that I lost count.


19. Favourite cartoon?

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Sometimes my sisters and I will randomly burst into the theme song out of nowhere. It just is connected to so many childhood memories and to this day one of the funniest shows I have ever watched.

20. Favourite anime?

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Detective Conan. I just found a document saved on my computer yesterday filled with links of old Conan edits on YouTube? The obsession was real.

21. Which cartoon/anime character did/do you have a crush on?

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Danny Phantom and Kaito Kid. Just realized while seeing those pictures side by side that they are the same exact person. Please also tell me I am not the only person having crushes on not only fictional but also cartoon/anime characters?


22. Fave book to movie adaption?

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I am guessing that this comes as a total surprise to you. Although some of the movies (especially some character depictions *Ron*) are a little off, I still love the overall outcome. Every time I watch the films I am just thrown into this magic world all over again (though I must have watched them about 100 times each by now).

23. Least favourite book to movie adaption?

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Although I liked both Lily Collins as Clary and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine, I wasn't too sure about the overall adaption. I was so excited for it to be released in cinema and was extremely disappointed after watching it (and spending a months worth of pocket money on the freaking ticket).

24. Film you liked although you never read the books?

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Maze Runner. I really liked everyones acting in those films. The story also just keeps you on edge all throughout, though I am sure that it is nothing compared to the books.

25. Favourite Disney film?

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Rapunzel (also known as Tangled in English). Also - you can't even fight me on this - Flynn Ryder is the best Disney Prince. (Besides Naveen, he just has those dimples that get me)

27. Here it goes everyone: favourite Barbie movie?

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There can only be one true winner: Princess and the Pauper.

26. Favourite guilty pleasure film?

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I love Sex and the City 1&2...

27. Your all time favourite film you need to recommend to anyone reading this article right now?

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The live action Aladdin was the best.