• after each character there is a link to the article about their individual playlist - which contains links to the spotify playlist :)

film characters

donnie darko - donnie darko

there is just something about him

chiron - moonlight

i just want to give him a hug

the dead poets - dead poets society

my favourite group of gays who sit and read poetry together

neil perry & todd anderson - dead poets society

oh to be either neil perry or todd anderaon

comic books

peter parker - marvel cinematic universe

our favourite web slinger

harley quinn - suicide squad/birds of pray

she has her issues but don't we all

book characters

finnick odair - the hunger games

the golden boy

TV show characters

spencer reid - criminal minds

the softest character going

alex russo - wizards of waverly place

i had the biggest crush on her growing up

klaus mikaelson - the orginals

the original hybrid

tommy shelby - peaky blinders

there is just something about his voice

dean winchester - supernatural

jensen ackles i agree

isaac lahey - teen wolf

still angry that he never came back

lydia martin - teen wolf

she just was the baddest bitch

stiles stilinski - teen wolf

we just did collectively prefer him didn't we

void stiles - teen wolf

i think we can all agree that void stiles