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I've been reading a lot of romance novels and I was very much inspired by them. I also listen to music while reading, so I thought I might as well make a playlist.

Here are some songs that'll make you fall in love -

Jar of hearts // Glee version
Don't Forget // Demi Lovato
Unconditionally // Katy Perry
Dear Future Husband // Meghan Trainor

One day i'll be everything i'm supposed to be, with the right person at the right time.

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Back To You // Selena Gomez
Mirrors // Justin Timberlake
Secret Garden // Bruce Springsteen
Crazy in Love (fifty Shades of Grey REMIX) // Beyoncé

If you stay we can be so happy, you make me feel so complete.

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Bad Romance // Lady Gaga
We belong together // Mariah Carey
No One // Alicia Keys
Grenade // Bruno Mars

Something about you is so damn addicting.

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Hope you all enjoy it! Feel free to ask for music

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