hey everyone! i'm back!!
i created an article like this before (i'll link it at the end) and decided it's time to release my "sophomore" album now, hehe :)
hope u enjoy 🤍

-Basic Information-

TITLE: Closure
GENRE: a mix of indie pop/pop, alternative

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Track 1 - "Since" (slow/upbeat) // 1:19

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the intro to the album, talking about my childhood years // lyrics: "i never knew what i'd become, yet i understood that i was only one of some"

Track 2 - "Today & Tomorrow" (upbeat) // 3:47

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a very uplifting song about the beauty of life and healing // lyrics: "kinda over hours filled with sorrow, i know that i'll be better, today and tomorrow..."

Track 3 - "Petrichor" (slow) // 3:02

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the perfect song to think about life and the meaning of it // lyrics: "what if life's just dirt on a steep mountain, crushed by rain, what if everything we are will be swept away, like we're nothing"

Track 4 - "Time of the Signs" feat. Harry Styles (slow/upbeat) // 3:33

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a song about the significance of time, to spend it wisely and appreciate the shortest moments in life // lyrics: "nothing is permanent, nothing lasts, we rise and we fall, make sure it matters all"

Track 5 - "He's Like Art, Terrible Art, But Still, Art" (mid-tempo) // 4:05

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just a song about romanticizing a complete a*shole // lyrics: i've done this for too long, i need to know where i'm at, so i can either stay or try to move on"

Track 6 - "Frida Kahlo" (upbeat) // 3:14

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this song talks about how everyone always tries to paint the best version of themselves, without realizing that they're slowly ruining the picture // lyrics: "brush that away, fade this away, just to make the wrong ones stay"

Track 7 - "Lord and Boy" feat. Frank Ocean (mid-tempo) // 2:54

vintage, cute, and love image love, quotes, and lgbt image
lgbtq+ song // lyrics: "if lord and boy are friends, they might as well be in love"

Track 8 - "Chapters" (slow) // 3:00

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a song talking about learning from mistakes, knowing who you are, holding on and getting up again // lyrics: "some words will be written in ink of tears, some pages marked by notes of fears, just remember your worth to finish the chapters, my dear"

Track 9 - "And Then I Didn't" (upbeat) // 3:25

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this one talks about realizing how much the world has to offer and deciding do start doing whatever makes you happy, no longer what is expected // lyrics: "and when i spread my arms i felt how the whole world hugged me, just for one moment"

Track 10 - "Waves" (Interlude) // 0:45

deep, sea, and wave image quotes, crush, and love image
the feeling you get when tears (happy or sad) overwhelm you like waves, portrayed in a melodic song

Track 11 - "The Names You Had"

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a song about being in love with someone you never really knew // lyrics: "i don't what to call you anymore, when you call me around 4"

Track 12 - "Songs That Remind Me Of Johnny" (slow) // 4:15

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the closure. // lyrics: "i can't miss your touch, so i'll just miss your face on my screen, your charme, and even though you were so far i could feel your love gently wrapping me in your arms, it's crazy i had you."

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