Let me tell you a story about a young witch lady whose destiny was to rule a reign set in the deep dark forests of Romania with her beloved Ghoul.

Who is Morgause Bathory?

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Born in Transylvania, she lost her parents when she was very young and doesn't even remember them. She was raised into a Coven of witches and Ghouls and she developed incredible powers, mostly related to Air. Stubborn, cunning and ambitious since she was a child, was considered as the evil one amongst the other witches in the Coven.
Growing up, she grew a love interest into a specific Ghoul called Rain, whose element was Water. They were best friends since childhood and they soon realized they were soulmates.
She has a sister who is an earth witch.

How she looks

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She has long black hair and most of the time she braids it in many different ways.
Dark brown eyes and full lips.
Her style is classy and elegant but also very seductive when she wants. Her favorite color is burgundy and she wears it a lot, both in dresses and jewerly. She loves wearing lace.
Her favorite gemstone is the red ruby and she loves wearing it in her necklaces.
99% of the time wears red lipstick.
Very long stiletto nails (she only wears black or red nail polish, or none)
Her style can be also defined gothic.


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She is very secretive and reserved. She doesn't immediately trust people, she needs time (a lot of time).
She is extremely protective with people she loves. When she loves you, it means she considers you truly special. She doesn't love easily. She never shows her feelings and emotions. She only does it with her beloved Ghoul.
She's extremely seductive and persuasive.
She's mean.
She's chaos.
She's thunderstorm.
She's rage.

But very deep inside, she has a heart of gold and loves helping others in need.

Her powers

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She's an air witch. She started connecting with this element since she was young and started developing her powers. She can control the element and also thunders. She doesn't use a wand, only her mind and hands.
She is also a necromancer so she is able to connect with the underworld.
She can read tarots and use the crystal ball.
She can easily manipulate others.
She can make people feel pain.
She can create chaos.

Her familiar

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Every witch has her familiar at one point in their lives. Hers is a crow called Ghost. It showed to her during her teenage years when she was studying in her coven room. It stopped on her window and since then, it never went away.


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  • She loves studying. Her favorite subjects have always been dark magic, astronomy, divination, demonology and ghoul lore.
  • She has a lot of deadly potions, beware.
  • She loves using crystals.
  • She loves using tarots and the crystal ball less.
  • She loves connecting with her element. Needless to say she loves windy days. She also really loves rain.
  • She reads A LOT. But really, A LOT.
  • She's very smart.
  • Her favorite season is Autumn and her favorite festivity is Halloween/Samhain.
  • She always says she doesn't like children but it's not true and will never admit it.
  • Her favorite goddess and inspiration is Hecate.
  • She loves candles. Her favorite scent is pine trees.
  • She never shows affection but when she's alone with her ghoul, she is very intimate.
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Hello! Thanks for reading up until here. Hope you liked my description of my original character! I'll write other articles in the next few days describing her mansion, her ghoul and her friendships.
I'd also really like to start writing a little story but we'll see. Since then, I hope you enjoy the character!!
Thank you again for reading, have a magical day!