Hii my loves ♡

I always wanted to do a bucket list but never have the oportunity to make one so, I'm suuper happy that today I'm finally doing it.

My list is about the things I wanna do before I die, because in that way I have a lot of more time to making them real that If I do one for summer or for this year, you know what I mean right?

So... let´s get started.

✰*ೃ Roadtrip across the USA ✰*ೃ

travel, nature, and indie image film, girly, and god image Image by Kenzie girl, car, and free image

✰*ೃ Find the job of my dreams ✰*ೃ

study, studying, and college image blazer, fashion, and pink image quotes image flowers, pink, and spring image

✰*ೃ Watch the sunrise at the beach ✰*ೃ

sea, beach, and ocean image sky, summer, and travel image beach, fire, and sea image beach, clouds, and plants image

✰*ೃ Visit a sunfower or a lavender field ✰*ೃ

sunflower image aesthetic, field, and flowers image field, flowers, and lavender image photography image

✰*ೃ Find the love of my life ✰*ೃ

queen mary, gif, and reign image

✰*ೃ Go stargazing ✰*ೃ

stars, sky, and night image astronomy, night, and sky image astronomy, beauty, and galaxy image alternative, girls, and indie image

✰*ೃ Kiss a dolphin ✰*ೃ

animals, carefree, and chic image animal, dolphin, and sea image Image by ー yαlini Image by ASSUL YAMILETH RAMOS - MARTINEZ

✰*ೃ Meet my idols ✰*ೃ

ariana grande, grande, and ariana image justin bieber image justin bieber, justin, and bieber image hug, hugging, and ariana image

✰*ೃ Have a puppy ✰*ೃ

cute dog, cute puppy, and puppy image dog, animal, and cute image dog, cute, and puppy image dog, puppy, and cute image

✰*ೃ Get a tattoo ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, alternative, and art image hand, angel, and arm image tattoo and Tattoos image girl, rose, and tatto image

✰*ೃ Watch the northern lights✰*ೃ

sky, nature, and aurora image

✰*ೃ Go to concerts of my favorites singers ✰*ೃ

celebrity image miley cyrus image 5sos, michael clifford, and calum hood image Image by Estrella Rodriguez

✰*ೃ Ride a horse ✰*ೃ

horse, white, and animal image horse, animal, and tumblr image beach, horse, and summer image horse, girl, and animal image

✰*ೃ Visit Petra and the desert ✰*ೃ

architecture, explore, and transformers image aesthetic, desert, and jordan image theme and desert image aesthetic, beige, and blue image

✰*ೃ Celebrate New Years eve on Times square ✰*ೃ

new years, new york, and time square image city, lights, and new years eve image new years eve, new york city, and nyc image new years eve and time square image

✰*ೃ Have something from Chanel ✰*ೃ

fashion, chanel, and chanel bag image Image removed heels, luxe, and chanel image chanel and clothing image

✰*ೃ Pay my mom a trip to Greece ✰*ೃ

Greece, summer, and travel image baby, love, and summer image travel, sea, and beach image flowers, travel, and Greece image

✰*ೃ Ride in a hot air balloon ✰*ೃ

girl image aesthetic, water, and filter image

✰*ೃ Touch an elephant ✰*ೃ

Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ elephant, animal, and summer image Éléphant, beach, and girl image elephant, green, and tropical image

✰*ೃ Go to a music festival with a cool outfit ✰*ೃ

festivals, girls, and lady image coachella, fashion, and festival image lovely, coachella, and fashion image berlin, festival, and glitter image

✰*ೃ Attend a fashion runway ✰*ೃ

haute couture, dress, and model image Couture, fashion week, and jewellery image fashion, model, and catwalk image Couture, fall, and fashion week image

✰*ೃ Let go of a floating lantern ✰*ೃ

love, couple, and kiss image floating, lanterns, and lights image light, fire, and night image black, floating, and dark image

✰*ೃ Hold a koala ✰*ೃ

Animales, Koala, and naturaleza image boy, hug, and Koala image sam smith image Koala image

✰*ೃ Kiss or dance in the rain ✰*ೃ

love, couple, and rain image love, couple, and dance image couple, love, and kiss image kiss, audrey hepburn, and Breakfast at Tiffany's image

✰*ೃ Attend to the Eurovision song contest ✰*ೃ

esc, europe, and israel image Image by Stavroula K contest, winner, and israel image dress, esc, and estonia image

✰*ೃ Be fluent in another language ✰*ೃ

france, french, and notes image french, inspo, and tumblr image

✰*ೃ Have a birthday surprise party ✰*ೃ

bday, party, and bday party image Image removed birthday, clubbing, and gang image valentine, surprise party, and romantic room decoration image

✰*ೃ Sleep in a castle ✰*ೃ

castle, garden, and beautiful image architecture, aesthetic, and art image dress, fashion, and aesthetic image architecture, art, and palace image

And that's all.... for the moment!

♡♡♡ Hope you like it ♡♡♡

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