Hi everyone! This is my first article ever. I wanted to show you my fav songs at the moment. This summer my intention is just CHILL. Enjoy the music and relax xxx

1. One Love/ People Get Ready - Bob Marley

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I really love this song! Every time I'm listening to reggae music I just enjoy the rhythm and the good vibes. This song spreads so much good energy.

2. The Good Good - Snoop Lion, Isa Lach

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This is a only good vibes song and I always sing it all along. The whole album ist so inspiring. You have to watch the documentation about the creation of the album on Netflix!

3. All You Need Is Love - The Beatles

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This one is a classic but I love this song. Every time i hear the song i have to smile :)

4. Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra, Count Basie

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The one and only! This song is for music lovers only . It's a whole symphony in your ears.

5. Gimme Love - Joji

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Actually I found this song on TikTok lol. But I really like tis one. It's a mix between pop and a ballad.

6. Earth - Lil Dicky

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I think everyone knows this hit. This song contains such an important message. So listen to it!

7.Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

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I had to put another Bob Marley song into this playlist. I love the Rastafarian culture, I want to go to Jamaica so badly.
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I hope you like the Playlist. Enjoy!