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Since this account is going on supper well I thought it would be nice to introduce myself. I never thought to have so many followers on weheartit! Thank you soo much you all! I used pinterest for saving pictures and ideas but I also liked to make easthetics. Seemed that many of you liked my aesthetics! :) Thank you so much for you support and following it means alot to me. I am a fan of many things as you can see. I love fantasy and movies/ series. Okay so enough bragging about this I will try to introduce myself.
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What am I currently doing and what do I want to become?

My name is Lotte Krens and I am 22 years old female. I study animal care for 3 years, that's why you see so many pictures of animals in my persenal easthetic. I still need to study for 2 more years. It's my dream to do something with animals, like working as a zoologist, vet, or helping animals in a shelter, being a farmer ect. It really doesent matter what it will be if it's just working with animals and making money with it. But most importantly I think is to have fun with your job. Why I think that way? Think about it, you need to commit to a job for the rest for your life or for a period of time. So I am not going to spend my time with doing a job I don't like. I want a job that excites me the moment I wake up from bed and a job that I will learn alot from.

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I am a hardworking person and once I have an idea of something I never give up easly, I am verry stubborn. I like to prove people wrong if they say I can't achieve something. My sign is a capricorn so maby that makes alot of sens.

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My hobbies

I have alot of hobbies.
I love to draw, (obviously), love listening to music (music is my life!). I like to swim, watching movies and series. I love making music with my guitar and piano. I like doing archery, I like gaming and I LOVE to read!

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My family and I like to travel alot. We have traveled our intire lives. We like to explore and see the world. We lived in Bolivia and Costa Rica. Now we live in the Netherlands. I live right now with my mom and dad. I have a sister and a brother and we are a loving supportive family.

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So that's it for my first article ever! I hope it's not too long... Introducing yourself short is a bit harder to make it short. So hope you liked it AND let me know if you guys would like more articles.