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I already did my If I were in Friends because it's my favorite tv show. So now, I'm doing my If I were in Gossip Girl because it's my second favorite tv show and I have just finished to rewatch it last week.

- Nina Van der Woodsen -


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Nina is a pretty girl. She is tall and super skinny. She has long wavy brown hair and green eyes


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Nina's father is William Van der Woodsen, he cheated on Lily while he was in Paris for work. That's why Nina is French. She grew up in Paris and after a really bad break up, she decided to move to New York City. She arrived when Serena was in boarding school so she became the new subject of GG when her stepsister wasn't here.


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Nina is a boss, she works really hard for what she wants and she is passionate in every little things that she consider as important in her life. She can be a bad bitch sometimes when she loses something she cares about and for what she fought for. She is also really seductive



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She loves Blair and Chuck. She always had supported their couple. The 3 of them are the king and the queens of manipulate people. They helped her when she had problems with some Upper East Siders.


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She had a huge crush on Nate when she arrived in New York City. They used to date a little but they broke up many times, sometimes it was because of Serena and other times it was because of Nina bad plans with Chuck and Blair. But they always get back together.


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Serena and Nina are always in competition for everything, even when it's about love because they both want Nate. And she also hates Jenny because she was to close to Nate for a long time.


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Nina married Nate and they are really happy together. She works for the NYSpectator with him. She was missing Paris so they live between their two cities.

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