Hey hearters, I'm back with another monthly playlist! I did not create a playlist for last month (june) as I didn't find any new tunes that pricked up my ears. I hope you have been staying safe by the the fewer restrictions in areas. However, if you are still in quarantine or out and about, I hope my monthly playlist has some new music for you to listen to <3

I'll be adding more songs as the month goes on, so stay tuned!

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this playlist consists of:

โœง 505 by arctic monkeys
โœง feel something by bea miller
โœง lonely heart by 5 seconds of summer
โœง naive by the kooks
โœง violent crimes by kanye west
โœง formula by labrinth
โœง the good side by troye sivan
โœง you don't know me by ariana grande

& more!

Link to full playlist:

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