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If you are part of the European Union, you don't only have national politics that you can influence by voting and other actions, you can also influence the politics of our multinational union.

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I would love to see a similar enthusiasm about this collaboration for peace and prosperity like people have it for the American Union.
(It's pretty similar, the United Nations of America and the United Nations of Europe, just like Churchill once predicted.)

This video is part of a series made by an EU parliament member, Nico Semsrott. His party is ironically called "The Party" (or "Die Partei" in German) and their whole campagn is sarcastic and tries to show how idiotic politics and bureaucracy are.
(I didn't even vote for them but I think they are really trying to make a change.)

He is basically ridiculing the status quo of our politics.

With the intent to wake people up and finally change something!

I believe we can do better.
But we need an international communication about what really matters.
And everyone who is part of the EU is dearly invited to take part and take action!

Let's talk about politics, baby.
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I'd love to change so much in the world... there are so many places where people are suffering because of the bad governance there.

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And there has to be something we can do!

I hope this sparked some interest for politics and the world's matters in you ;)

Educate yourself, become a warrior for peace and justice and go change the world!
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simply human
simply human
I usually post more practical life advice, but issues like that are important to me, too.
this one is about climate change and THAT WE HAVE TO F**KING STOP IT!
youtubers who talk about important stuff to educate you :)
quitting meat could help a lot with stoping climate change and it's very healthy for you too :)
screw society's beauty standards! don't buy into their sh*t, you're already beautiful.
too much social media or internet in general can poison your mind. take care of yourself.
a must read for everyone. i swear it will help you to become happier <3

Thank you so much for reading!

Please heart it so more people see and read this and hopefully understand the power we have when we all work together for a better world! <3