Hello all witches and all non-witches! This is part three of Wicca 101. Keep in mind that Wicca and it's beliefs are very individual so during these articles I will be sharing MY thoughts, so please don't jump me. I hope you enjoy!

If it harms none, do what you will


*So, in this part we are going to talk about the elements and how&why they are important to Wicca! I will also go through things you can do to find your element, and also things you can do with it. *


There are 5 different elements in Wicca, and they are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit. The first four ones you might already be familiar with, and the element of Spirit might be a new concept.

The five elements is often assiciated with colors, and although they might vary, here are me most common color associations:

Spirit - White
Water - Blue
Fire - Red
Earth - Green
Air - Yellow

Many of you who are interested in practical Wicca are going to use the elements one way or another, and probably a lot. It is kind of hard to avoid, seeing as the elements are in pretty much everything! But to work with the elements, and being in tune with them is something else. For some of you, it might come naturally, and for some it might require a bit of work. Many of you probably feel in tune or connected with one of the elements, and that might be something worth to work with!

Element have been used by humans for practically forever. The Elements are essentially the first and foremost reason that we exist. Witches recognize this, and find it necessary to honor them- and even try using them and bending them.

Before diving into finding your element, we should quickly go through each of them to get a basic understanding!



Air is the element which represent the east. It is the element of wisdom and knowledge, and also creativity and ideas. The element of air is also connected to mental health. If you are doing work to improve the powers of your mind, air might be the element to focus on!

Air is intellegence, art and freedom. It is often represented by a sword or insence.

aesthetic and sword image cup and gold image



Earth is the element which respresent the north. It is the element of menifestation, stability and foundation. It is also connected to money and wealth, as well as empathy and security. In one way it holds all aspects of life; birth, life and death- and could like that be connected to the Goddess and her three states: Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Earth is stability, endurance and wealth. It is often represented by a pentacle, a rock or salt.

pile, salt, and mound image candle, dried flowers, and witchy image



Fire is the element of passion and sexuality, as well as goals and desire. It is often associated with the south. The element of fire often attracts those who have a really strong will and those who are kinda stubborn! For many it can symbolize the God and it has the means to both create and destroy.

Fire is daring, energetic and courageus. It is often represented by a wand, or by a burning candle.

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Water is an element of pleasure and happiness, and also the sub-consious. It is the element which represent the west. Many people might feel overwhelmed by water, and in my experience that is because many aren't ready for the intuitive basic, pleasuring feeling of ease and happiness. Water is also often used for purifications and cleansing!

Water is intuitive, dreaming and clearing. It is usually represented by a cup or a chalice, usually filled with water.

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Spirit is the element that might give you a feeling of purpose. It is your magic, and your spirituality. It is your power and your connection to the elements and the Dieties, and it is enpowering. The spirit, or Aether isn't a new concept. It dates back to ancient Greece and probably longer. It doesn't abide by any rules, it is kind of a glue to hold everything together.

If we were to Science the sh*t out of this, Einstein tried studying the Aether and found out that it indeed is a kind of glue that holds everything together. It is inbetween everything, and every little atom and molecule. Today, it is probably more known as dark matter.

Spirit is you, your magic and your connection to everything. It is sometimes symbolized with a circle, but since it is _everything_- it's kinda hard to symbolize it! Sometimes it is symbolized by all colors.


blue, deep, and ocean image forest, nature, and woods image fire and aesthetic image aesthetic, hurricane, and weather image


Every zodiac sign is also connected to an element:

Air - Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
Water - Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Fire - Leo, Aries, Sagittarius
Earth - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

How to find your element

Based on your sign, you might find the element you are the most intune with. If that doesn't help, just saying or thinking the name of the element might help you. By doing this, you might feel drawn to one of them- and it might be as easy as that!

You can also try list the things you like to do. Say you like to swim and walk on the shore, there is a pretty high risk your element is Water. Or say you really like planting and growing things, your element might be Earth!

If that doesn't work, try meditation and search for it.

If you can't seem to find your element, you might be a mix of two or three- or all. Of course it can happen, but usually there is an element that simply suits you better.


Casting a circle with the elements

So this is a very usual thing to do, and casting a circle can be done in so many ways- so I will do an entire part on that.

Basically, a circle of of this kind that I refer to is a circle (either physical or mental) circle you put up before working magic. You do this mostly to protect yourself and your spellwork, and it is (according to me) very, very important. So I wouldn't recommend you diving in the spells right away before you read up on casting a circle.

There is multiple ways to do this, and this is just one (somewhat simplified):

First of all, I would reccomend cleansing the place of the circle. You can do this by either using sage or something like that, or your brommstick or any other way you find works for you.

Place a representation of the elements in the right direction. For example:

Insence (Air) - East
A Candle (Fire) - South
Chalice with Water (Water) - West
Rock (Earth) - North

Stand in the middle and start calming down, and centering yourself. Start by facing East (Air) and call on it, and this you can do in a lot of ways. One way would be to simply say "Element of air, I call on you". You can use a wand, athame or your finger to point at the element- but you also do not have to.

After this, you go clockwise and do the same thing -> Fire -> Water ->Earth. Finally, stand in the middle and call upon the element of spirit.

After you are done with your work, you should go counter-clockwise and thank each of the element as you close your circle. You might want to say this out loud, too.

You might experience a tons of different things while doing this, which is normal. Like I said, this is a very, very, short description on how to cast a circle, and there are a lot of different ways to do it. Make sure to give this a heart and/or message me if you'd like me to do a part on just how to cast a circle


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Hopefully you have gained some kind of knowledge about the elements. There are so many things to say about them, how to use them and so that I might have to do another part about it. Give this a heart and make sure to message me if there is anything you'd like me to talk about!


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