Can't find k-dramas to watch? I'll recommend you some series that I watched and I swear, these are worth to watch. You'll fall in love to them and I'll rate them 1-10 for you.

1. Hospital Playlist (100000/10)

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I really love the light storyline of this k-drama and it shows the five doctor's passion to their work and also love in music. You'll love their friendship and I have crush on Kim Jun-wan (let's keep it a secret, okay? hihi)

2. Mystic Pop Up Bar (10000/10)

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This series has the best plot twist for me and I fell in love to Sungjae's character here. All of them has a story behind that will make you shock (almost of my conclusion about the characters we're true) and will give you life lessons.

3. Dr. Romantic 2 (10000000/10)

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The 1st one was literally a masterpiece but we'll talk about this one. You'll know Kim Sabu more in this series. The plot doesn't focus on two intern's and Kim Sabu, but to the other cast also. You'll get pissed on Do Yoon-wan, I swear hahaha. I'm waiting for S3.

4. Waikiki Season 1 (10000000/10)

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This k-drama will literally make you laugh hard and forget negativity, the characters have different goals in life and achieve their goals in the end. You'll love the casts' chemistry here and their love for each other. Lee Jun-ki's gwaenchana will be remain iconic.

5. Sensory Couple (The Girl Who Sees Scent in Netflix) [100000/10]

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This series has mystery and rom-com genre, also one of underrated k-drama for me. This series will tell you that the person you trust the most can also be your enemy at the same time. They will find the man who killed their loved ones and would do everything to give them justice.

6. Doctor Stranger (1000000/10)

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It's all about a couple who sacrifice their love to save each other. No matter how many times you push someone away, he/she will still choose you no matter what. This k-drama will make you cry and hurt for the characters. It is all about the couple against the world.

7. Hospital Ship (10/10)

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This k-drama will gave you lesson that it's normal to cry and hurt because it's part of our life cycle. 4 doctors and 5 nurses who treat their patients in the ship to visit people who we're far away from the hospital. It's all about taking care of people and didn't ask for return.

8. Extraordinary You (1000000/10)

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The series is all about the extra girl character in the comic book who want to change her fate with the boy who's also extra as her. Eun Dan-o's positive personality is one of the things I love in this k-drama and Haru would do anything for the girl that she loves. It's worth to watch!

That's it! I'll make famous k-drama version of this one, see you in my next article. Bye!