Hello lovers, hope that you're all doing great, I sure am!
Soo, let's take a dive into the past.
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you things about the 90's?
Fashion? CDs? Hip hop? Colorful makeup looks?
There are a lot of 90's things that are coming back into fashions.
From low waisted jeans, colorful t-shirts, CD players.
The 90s were iconic! We can all agree on that.
So let's list some things that we sure are obsessed with, shall we?

1. Jelly shoes

pink, polka dots, and cute image aesthetic, glitter, and 90s fashion image
They are cute, comfortable and scream 90's

2. Tie-dye everything

fashion, outfit, and purple image aesthetic, cardigan, and fashion image

3. Mini backpacks

look, coturno, and blusa de moletom image Temporarily removed

4. Biker shorts

beauty, fashion, and girls image bag, fashion, and outfit image

5. Butterfly Hair Clips

enchanted, etsy, and monarch image 2000s, hair, and kawaii image

6. Colorful mascara

aesthetic, colorful makeup, and pink and blue image attractive, black, and black and white image

7. Ring Pop Candy

candy, glitter, and nails image candy, cool, and minimalism image

8. Overalls

aesthetic, fashion, and style image accessories, belt, and casual image

9. Scrunched socks

socks, slouch socks, and scrunch socks image hooters socks, slouch socks, and scrunch socks image

10. Bubble tape candy

food, sweet, and hubba bubba image blue, bubble gum, and bubblegum image

As always thank you so so much for reading my article, all the love xoxo Eli