I’m Fat. People say that the word fat isn’t offensive unless people say it with intention to harm. I partially agree, because whenever you hear the word “skinny” people’s instant reaction is positive. Everyday is a struggle of me accepting myself and wanting to change for the better. There is nothing wrong with both of them. What’s wrong is looking in the mirror and wanting to cry and run away from my own body. Every time someone tells me to “ take care of myself” or “cut down on eating that” it breaks me and causes resentment to flourish for them. Them telling me that isn’t helpful because I am aware I am fat and making me think about it when I’m enjoying a can of soda just makes me feel shittier. I don’t understand if people realize that mental health also plays a role in trying to loose weight. If people just love me for who I am and not for what I look like maybe that would nudge me in the right direction. I’m not saying it’s there fault for how I look I’m just saying they could be the reason I don’t give up and feel even more ashamed.
Please don’t criticize a fat person, you don’t know if they’re currently doing something about it and you’re pushing them away from there goals with rock like comments that slow them down.
Be kind enough to accept yourself and others.