hi, im back with the day 16 of the writing challenge

day: Make a list of five things to be grateful

good health

im grateful to be in good health and my family is in good health too. im grateful to have access to medicine if needed and to all the things that are important for the health.


im grateful to have a lovely family. im grateful to have lovely parents and siblings who appreciate each other. and im grateful that there is not conflicts between us.


im grateful to have friends who are always with me, supporting me and helping me when i need them.
im grateful to have internet friends (shout out @maadgaaleena) that are helping me, supporting me and by my side when i need to.


when i say that im grateful to have money i don't mean that im grateful for the money to buy expensive things. im grateful to have enough food to live a healthy life, im grateful to live in a condo big enough for my sister, my parents and me. im grateful to have enough money to go in vacation and to have some clothes i want.


im grateful to be free. grateful to say what i want, to do what I want without asking anyone because i know that in some countries it ain't the same.

thanks for reading, see you tomorrow for the 17th day!
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love, @07_28