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Nowadays, you can pretty much have access to a ton of movies in a few clicks, which is great if you’re interested in cinematography. But with the spread of streaming platforms and the huge number of programs available everyday, it’s easy to miss some really amazing stuff that gets lost in a sea of more promoted and popular shows and movies.
That’s why I decided to dedicate today’s article to underrated shows and movies (that you can find on Netflix).

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Over the past 2 years, I’ve definitely developed a strong liking for watching movies. What began as a way to escape all the stress I was under in high school slowly turned into one of my biggest passions. When I watch a movie, I become so focused, so immersed into the story that I can barely think of anything else. They’re like a door I can step through to enter a different era, a brand new world, and live by the characters’ side. Everything seems so raw and meaningful, every detail matters. I love that movies can make every word appear powerful and every event inspirational. I believe fiction can affect our lives for the better, and that is why I love cinema: because art is supposed to be thought-provoking and life-changing.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve discovered a lot of gems that are DESPERATELY waiting to be watched. I therefore present you my official list of underrated Netflix movies/shows:

  • Dear White People

A truly amazing show on all levels: the plot is incredibly smart, the characters are developed and realistic, the style is unique… It follows the lives of black students at an Ivy League university and the issues they have to face in their day to day. Literally how has it not won more awards ? It’s one of those shows that should be promoted by Netflix as much as 13 Reasons Why or To All The Boys I Loved Before.

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  • Carrie Pilby

I’ve watched this movie probably a hundred times since it got out, and I still can’t figure out why it isn’t more popular. The main character, Carrie, is a young gifted teenager freshly out of college trying to open herself up to the world. This movie perfectly illustrates the complexity of accepting people in your life, creating social ties and overcoming the fear of being hurt.

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  • I Am Not Okay With This

This show is a little more known than the others on the list, thankfully. After her father’s death, teenage girl Sydney Novak discovers she has telekinetic powers manifesting themselves whenever she experiences intense anger. The plot might seem a bit strange at first but believe me, it isn’t. The story is so well thought-out, the script is pretty realistic and the characters so relatable. Bonus point for the soundtrack which matches the show’s aesthetic perfectly.

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  • Okja

I recommend this movie SO much. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho (the director of Parasite, one of the best movies ever in my opinion) and follows the story of Okja, a super pig bred to promote the Mirando livestock company, and Mija his owner. When Okja is taken away to slaughter by the corporation, Mija and the Animal Liberation Front will try to save him and put a stop to Mirando’s actions. This movie was extremely hard and sad to watch because it shows the truth about livestock companies and over consumption, but so important to watch.

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  • Dark

Yet another Netflix masterpiece. But beware, this show is a total mind wreck at first so you gotta stay focused to not get lost between the timelines and characters. In Widen, Germany, time often repeats itself and the line between past, present and future is blurred. As children disappear every 33 years the town seems to be trapped in a sort of cycle. The young Jonas will try to solve those mysteries and end Winden’s curse, which won’t be without sacrifices. Dark is one of those shows that are so fascinating and nerve wracking that you won’t be able to stop until you’ve reached the end.

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  • Gentefied

If you want to watch a realistic, genuine show to truly understand gentrification, Gentefied is perfect for you. The episodes are funny, well-written and informative. The show deals with the Morales family struggling to keep the family business afloat while gentrification spreads in their LA neighborhood. It raises important issues faced by the Latino community while staying inclusive and entertaining.

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  • The End of the F***ing World

In case you don’t know anything about it, the show’s about two troubled teenagers (James and Alyssa) running away together and facing all kinds of traumatic situations. The second season focuses on Alyssa’s trauma and the reunion of the two while another character emerges searching for revenge. I loved how the 2nd season acknowledged the complexity of the teenagers’ relationships and the guilt they both felt after the events of season one. The end left me in tears because the characters were so genuine and struggling to get better. The show also has a very unique, gloomy style that I really enjoy.

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  • At Eternity’s Gate

This movie has probably one of the best depictions of Van Gogh’s life ever. Van Gogh felt his art as if it was alive, he saw nature as no one did and expressed it so well in his paintings. He went through a lot of trauma and mental health issues but still managed to somehow show the beauty of life in his works. This movie is like a walk in the mind of one of the best painters in history, it is incredibly moving and will definitely leave you speechless at the end.

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  • Flavors of Youth

In these three animated short films, people navigate melancholy, long lost memories and change. The stories are all set in China and the animation is so beautifully made it rivals with the greatest animated films. Each story has a delicate message and teaches us something about hope and happiness. To quote a passage, “Maybe the warmth I’d lost touch with yesterday is still out there, maybe it’s what’s giving today its color”. Beautiful, right ?

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That’s it for this article, thanks for reading ! 🌟💕

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