Hey you all! Today, I’m back with something related to romance, again. What can I say? I love love.
So, in this article I’m going to list some romance novel adaptations. These movies might be coming soon or maybe just have been announced. There might be more I don’t know about or I’m just not excited about them.
Book : It Ends With Us ~ Colleen Hoover
Cast : TBD
Release Date : TBD
~ Colleen Hoover is an ingenious author. I’ve read all her books and loved every single one. She’s my favourite romance writer. “It Ends With Us” is an amazing book. It’s a must read. The news of it becoming a movie is still kind of new and unknown to most. So, everything is still a work in progress.
More Information : https://getliterary.com/everything-we-know-about-colleen-hoovers-it-ends-with-us-adaptation-so-far/
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Book : Our Chemical Hearts ~ Krystal Sutherland
Cast : Lili Reinhart { Grace Town } & Austin Abrams { Henry Page }
Release Date : August 21, 2020
~ The trailer hasn’t come out yet. But, Lili shared it’s first look on her Instagram.
More Information : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemical_Hearts
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Chemical Hearts { First Look }
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Lili Reinhart & Austin Abrams
Book : After We Collided ~ Anna Todd
Cast : Josephine Langford { Tessa Young } & Hero Fiennes-Tiffin { Hardin Scott }
Release Date : Very recently Anna Todd announced the release dates of some countries. But, the release dates for the US and the UK are still TBA.
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After We Collided
Book : The Hating Game ~ Sally Thorne
Cast : Lucy Hale { Lucy Hutton } & Robbie Amell { Joshua Templeman }
Release Date : TBA
~ The book was great. I loved it so much! You can read it for sure. And, everything about the movie is still in the works. So, no trailer, first look or any poster, unfortunately.
More Information : https://ew.com/movies/2019/05/16/lucy-hale-robbie-amell-to-star-in-adaptation-of-best-selling-rom-com-the-hating-game/
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Lucy Hale & Robbie Amell
Book : Holding Up The Universe ~ Jennifer Niven
Cast : TBD
Release Date : TBD
~ It’s hasn’t been long since it’s been announced. Jennifer Niven is currently writing the script. So, it’ll be a while before we know anything else. I loved “All The Bright Places”. So, I hope this will be a great adaptation too.
More Information : https://thefandom.net/holding-up-the-universe-optioned-for-film/
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Hope you liked my article and thank you for reading!
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