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Cause the smell of cigarettes made me choke on just the thought of you
moon, aesthetic, and clouds image
With only the the moon to guide me through my darkest times
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I don’t know who I am or who I want to be And that’s scary Because the unknown Always is
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I’ve never known love Only in the movies But life ain’t like the movies
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I run away when things are good I run away when things go bad I only stay If things are okay
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you still haunt my dreams Reminding me that I can’t have you
art, aesthetic, and painting image
those sad sad eyes Had me the moment I saw them
aesthetic, boy, and city image
so don’t say you don’t love me Any more
aesthetic, car, and dark image
the road to nowhere Is where we’re headed
couple, kiss, and orange image
I must confess I’m obsessed With the idea Of you and me
yours truly
- Boi Bet