I created a playlist on spotify titled 'calm yet sad', the songs are great at inducing emotions when you don't know what to feel at that moment.

1. Home, Gabrielle Alpin

love, couple, and aesthetic image quotes image

2. Over you, Ingrid Michaelson

couple, love, and hands image couple, love, and kiss image

3. So Cold, Ben Cocks & Nikisha Reyes-Pile

girl, broken, and dark image love, sad, and aesthetic image

4. River of tears, Alessia Cara

aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image boy, i miss you, and please image

5. Wait, M83

aesthetics, brown, and car image Image by 魏欣瑜

6. Silhouette, Aquilo

blue, aesthetic, and alternative image boy, couple, and girl image

7. All I want, Kodaline

kodaline, all i want, and quotes image after, hardin scott, and after movie image

8. Already gone, Sleeping At Last

Image by Private User Image by 𝙳𝙾𝙼𝙰𖠛

If you feel like listening to these calm yet sad songs, my spotify playlist is linked below;