hello hearters

During this lockdown, whenever I get really down n depressed - I force myself to put on my headphones (proper ones, with real bass and a good treble), select a playlist (I'm from the mixtape generation, so have a bunch of themed playlists rather than relying on the algorithms of Spotify ;) and DANCE (or, yeah, sometimes, just lie and look at the ceiling and listen to sad songs).

dancing, gif, and the madonna image
stuff like this:

Because before Beyonce, there was Ms. Ross

as we're all pretty much dancing on our own right now...

Anastacia - I'm Outta Love

In the spirit of sharing, I've asked a few friends to recommend their go-to Surviving in the Time of COVID tracks. I can take zero credit for the list below - thank my friend William back in England ---- but it's totally genius and I thought you might enjoy it too.

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considering it's going to be a looooong time before we can get back here.
happy dancing, hearters!
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Lockdown Mix 2020

1. Dua Lipa and Ben Howell BBC remix

2. Daði og Gagnamagnið - Think about Things

3. Alice - Lady Gaga

4. All I ever wanted - Human League

5. Tea for the Tillerman - Cat Stevens

6. It ain’t easy - David Bowie

7. Return to Oz - Scissor Sisters

8. Cars and Girls - Prefab Sprout

9. Dance 10 Looks 3 - A Chorus Line

10. Atomic - Case, Lang, Viers

That's the end of William's list - here are a few more of my tracks....


before I went to Korea in 2011/12 on business trips, I asked for the K-Pop tracks du jour and this one really captured my imagination. I later saw G-Dragon filming his solo video in L.A. (true story).

Cowboy BONUS

this one only works if you live on the ground floor or you'll drive the people downstairs CrAzY - trust me on this one.

emo/Goth BONUS

the sound of my university days......another story for another time.
although most of this story is highly autobiographical, darlings.

Retro Bonus

----- you can't go wrong with a lip sync to thank you for the music to cool down....

Finally - a story about the songs from my youth.


Too kind....