hi! this is my first article and i wanted to share my favourite "underrated" artists. some of these artists may not be as underrated as others, and you may know some of them (or all of them) but i hope that you guys can find interest in the artists that i share.

1. poppy

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i've been listening to poppy for the longest time and she's one of my all time favourite artists. she went from being a internet personality to pop singer to nu-metal artist. some of my favourite songs by her include the holy mountain, meat, and i disagree.

2. k. flay

k. flay has had a huge impact on my music taste since 2017, and she's been one of my favourite artists ever since then. all her music has a deeper meaning, and she has a very unique voice. some of my favourite songs by her include not in california, black wave, and giver.

3. rina sawayama

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i've recently stumbled across rina's music, and i immediately fell in love with it. all her music has an early 2000s sound that matches her voice perfectly. i really hope she becomes a big name in pop music one day. my favourite songs by her include paradisin' and chosen family.


Image removed emo, goth, and Layla image toopoor image edgy, toopoor, and emo image

although she's pretty new to music, the few songs that she released are all amazing. she makes music that makes me wanna ruin my life (in a good way) my favourite song by her is crazy girls.

5. grimes

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grimes is one of my favourite artists at the moment. she's more well known than some of the other artists on this list, but is mostly known for just being elon musk's partner. her music is futuristic and something completely different from other artists. my favourite songs by her include 4ÆM, oblivion, and we appreciate power.

6. kim petras

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i've been a huuuuge kim petras fan for the LONGEST time. she makes pop music that makes you want to dance. her discography ranges from dance pop hits, to sad songs, to halloween bops. and don't even get me started on her vocal ability. she is super talented, and an amazing performer. some of my favourite songs by her include personal hell, close your eyes, and do me.


i know, these artists aren't EXTREMELY underrated, but i feel like they deserve a lot more recognition than they get. they're all amazing artists, and i suggest that you check them out! peace <3